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New Starbucks SHIOK-AH-CCINO, Smores & Neapolitan Frappuccinos, Food, Mooncakes, Merchandise In Singapore

New Starbucks SHIOK-AH-CCINO, Smores & Neapolitan Frappuccinos, Food, Mooncakes, Merchandise In Singapore

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By Karmen on 22 Jul 2021
Digital Editor

It's that time of the year again, where we get dressed in red and white, hang up the Singapore flag, critique the new NDP song and sing along to the old ones. Another National Day tradition that we can always look forward to is Starbucks' food and beverage items exclusive to Singapore.


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For the fifth consecutive year, Starbucks has crafted a menu of Singapore-themed and exclusive food and beverage items in the leadup to National Day. This year, we have three new drinks, a meatless pie and four tantalising cakes.

Starbucks SHIOK-AH-CCHINO ($8.20 Tall or Blended)

starbucks singapore shiok a ccino merlion 2021Photo from Starbucks

This new, long awaited beverage has a unique combination of aromatic Starbucks roasted coffee and nutty hojicha tea, blended with rich chocolate chips, topped with fluffy whipped cream and a cute little piece of chocolate shaped like the Merlion Bearista.

The SHIOK-AH-CCHINO also comes with a free Starbucks stainless-steel spoon with every venti purchase, while stocks last.

Starbucks Neapolitan Frappuccino & Smores Frappuccino ($8.20 each, Tall or Blended)


starbucks singapore neapolitan smores frappucinoPhoto from Starbucks

Another new beverage addition is the indulgent Neapolitan frappuccino with a classic combination of strawberry, vanilla bean and chocolate. It's finished with whipped cream, a drizzle of mocha sauce and crunchy waffle cone topping.

Launching soon on 11 August is the toasty S'mores Frappuccino - the beverage version of the iconic campfire dessert. It's made of a delicious mix of vanilla syrup, mocha sauce and ice-blended coffee, nestled between layers of marshmallow whipped cream, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs and finished with a fluffy toasted marshmallow.

To go with these beverages is a Curry Meatless Chicken Pie made with meatless chicken, potato chunks and spicy curry baked inside a buttery pastry.

starbucks singapore meatless pie 2021Photo from Starbucks

Dessert lovers can end their shiok-themed meal with four cakes inspired by local flavours: Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake, Ondeh Ondeh Cheesecake, Orh Nee Cake and Mango Sago Cake.

starbucks singapore local cakes 2021Photo from Starbucks

Starbucks is also launching their new mooncakes for mid-autumn festival. Besides their mooncakes with traditional Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk and Starbucks Coffee with Caramel & Hazelnut, they'll also have three new flavours of mooncakes: Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate, Mango Yuzu and Pandan Gula Melaka (Ondeh Ondeh).

starbucks singapore Mooncakes box 2021Photo from Starbucks

The National Day celebration isn't complete without merch! On 11 August, Starbucks will be bringing out the Joy of Connection Collection, a colourful range of drinkware including a bright yellow studded cold cup.

starbucks singapore Joy of Connection CollectionPhoto from Starbucks

While you're here, check out the new Starbucks X FILA drinkware and lifestyle accessories.

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