New Starbucks x FILA Collection In Singapore Includes Fashionable Street-Style Wearables & Drinkware

New Starbucks x FILA Collection In Singapore Includes Fashionable Street-Style Wearables & Drinkware

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By Wei Yin on 21 Jul 2021
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Starbucks has always been consistently launching new merchandise in partnership with popular brands but for the first time ever, they are teaming up with sportswear brand FILA for a fashionable street-style collection!

This exclusive Starbucks x FILA collection boasts 12 products ranging from drinkware to wearables in FILA's iconic shades of red, white and blue.

Check them out below!

#1 Bucket Bag

Starbucks x FILA bucket bagPhoto from Starbucks

A fun-sized and stylish bucket bag for your daily essentials.

Price: $45.90

#2 Carryall Bag

Starbucks x FILA carryall bagPhoto from Starbucks

Bring this out with you on a short trip to anywhere.

Price: $39.90

#3 Traveller Mug

Starbucks x FILA traveller mugPhoto from Starbucks

Sip on your brew with this mug in bright colours.

Price: $39.90

#4 ID Lanyard

Starbucks x FILA id lanyardPhoto from Starbucks

Never lose your staff pass or EZ-link cards anymore with this lanyard.

Price: $25.90

#5 Mesh Bag

Starbucks x FILA mesh bagPhoto from Starbucks

The perfect bag to bring to the gym when restrictions in Singapore ease.

Price: $55.90

#6 Tote

Starbucks x FILA totePhoto from Starbucks

A transparent one for a trendy upgrade from the classic tote bag.

Price: $35.90

#7 Cold Cup

Starbucks x FILA cold cupPhoto from Starbucks

The Cold Cup is an indispensable Starbucks merchandise you must get!


Price: $34.90

#8 Pouch

Starbucks x FILA pouchPhoto from Starbucks

Comes with a wrist strap for easy carrying.

Price: $25.90

#9 Water Bottle with Lanyard

Starbucks x FILA water bottlePhoto from Starbucks

A sporty bottle that will complement any activewear outfits you own.

Price: $52.90

#10 Tumbler

Starbucks x FILA tumblerPhoto from Starbucks

Comes in FILA's red, blue and white shades.

Price: $49.90

#11 Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Starbucks x FILA stainless steel water bottlePhoto from Starbucks

Get this minimalist version if you prefer something easier on the eye.

Price: $52.90

#12 Reusable Straw

Starbucks x FILA reusable strawPhoto from Starbucks

A foldable reusable straw in a sleek holder that you can just slot into any bag.

Price: $9.90 in stores with any purchase, $16.90 on LazMall and Shopee Mall

When & where to get the Starbucks x FILA collection in Singapore

Starbucks x FILA bannerPhoto from Starbucks

The special Starbucks x FILA collection will be available in Singapore from 22 July for Gold members in-stores, and 23 July for everyone else both in-stores and online.

Check the in-store availability for some of the products on Starbucks Singapore's website here.

The collection will launch on LazMall and Shopee Mall on 23 July at 12pm so mark your calendar!

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