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Hand "Painted" Floral Cakes In Singapore Are Too Pretty, Flavours Include Earl Grey & Mango Sago

Hand "Painted" Floral Cakes In Singapore Are Too Pretty, Flavours Include Earl Grey & Mango Sago

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By Wei Yin on 13 Aug 2021
Digital Editor

We are all for supporting home-based businesses in Singapore and joining the lineup of talented home bakers we wish to highlight is Hana Patisserie!


Even though home-based dessert shops are a dime a dozen, Hana Patisserie's hand "painted" floral cakes deserve all the recognition, for they are almost too pretty to eat.

Read on to find out more!

Hana Patisserie hand painted tall floral cakePhoto from Hana Patisserie

Hana Patisserie is inspired by Japan where there are crisp spring mornings and blossoming flowers. The brand translates that through their bakes and hopes to deliver a taste that is refreshing to the senses.

One of Hana Patisserie's most popular designs is undoubtedly the floral cake. Lorraine is the self-taught baker behind those cakes and they are meant to look like painted flowers on a canvas. The birth of this design came about when she wanted a cake to look like a blank canvas for her to freely create any pattern that comes to mind.

Hana Patisserie close up of floral cakePhoto from Hana Patisserie

She saw a cake design done by a baker based in London and decided to add her own twist to it by dusting the cakes with edible dried flowers. These dried flowers represent florals or leaves being lightly carried by the breeze - creating an airy and feminine look. We love how these beautiful floral cakes have such an alluring story behind them too!


Take a closer look at the design and you will be able to see how each flower is intricately "painted".

Hana Patisserie floral cake and cake flavoursPhoto from Hana Patisserie

Hana Patisserie also offers a wide range of cake flavours and pairings. Notable mentions include Earl Grey paired with lavender, white chocolate or strawberries, and Passionfruit paired with dark or white chocolate or yuzu. Other flavours include Lychee, Pandan and Mango Sago.

A tall floral cake in this floral design starts from $85.

Hana Patisserie floral bento cakePhoto from Hana Patisserie

Of course, Hana Patisserie does bento cakes in similar floral designs too! These are great for smaller celebrations and more affordable, with prices starting from $28.

Send Hana Patisserie a message on Instagram here to enquire or to order.

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