Cute Bento Cake & Milk Tea Set In SG Perfect For Aug Babies Who Can't Dine Out During P2HA

Cute Bento Cake & Milk Tea Set In SG Perfect For Aug Babies Who Can't Dine Out During P2HA

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By Wei Yin on 30 Jul 2021
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August babies, we feel you! While Singapore is still in P2HA, it's understandable to feel bummed that you won't be able to dine out to celebrate. Looking on the bright side though, you can still get cakes delivered to your home for an intimate celebration with your family.

So if you are looking to hint a loved one, we have just the suggestion. Home-based baker, Cindy of @yoyosummer_sg, does bento cakes and she's currently taking orders for sets that also include milk tea.

Read on to find out more!

@yoyosummer_sg bento cake setPhoto from @yoyosummer_sg via Instagram

Cindy is the same baker behind the mini 3D Korean-style cakes we previously wrote about, and she's back with bento cake sets that are equally adorable.

Each set is priced at $35 and comes with a lunchbox cake where you get to customise the wordings, and a bottle of earl grey milk tea packaged in a bear bottle.

@yoyosummer_sg bento cake with milk tea set and fairy lightsPhoto from @yoyosummer_sg via Instagram

In case you were wondering, yes, the set comes with fairy lights - perfect for gifting!


Although Cindy is only taking customised wordings for the bento cakes for now, you can still request for a customised design and she will be more than happy to make it happen (with an extra cost as more time and effort will be required).

@yoyosummer_sg bear milk tea Photo from @yoyosummer_sg via Instagram

You will also get to choose the cake flavour, which includes chocolate, vanilla and red velvet. Premium flavours include lemon vanilla, chocolate salted caramel and taro (+$6 - $8).

Place your order soon by sending Cindy a message via her Instagram page here.

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