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Get 3 Acai Pints For Just $33 With Free Delivery So You Can Make Your Own At Home

Get 3 Acai Pints For Just $33 With Free Delivery So You Can Make Your Own At Home

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By Wei Yin on 20 Jul 2021
Digital Editor

As much as açai bowls are delicious and aesthetically pleasing, they are also on the expensive side with each usually costing more than $10 (depending on the size). But if you simply can't resist an icy cold treat and wish to have it on a daily basis, you can choose to purchase açai pints instead. They are more affordable and will allow you to customise your own açai bowls at home.


Smoof, a local brand in Singapore that specialises in smoothies and frozen desserts, is having a promotion where you can get buy two açai pints and get one free with delivery included!

Read on to find out more!

Smoof açai pintsPhoto from Smoof

Smoof's vegan açai sorbet has a thick and creamy consistency (so you know they don't scrimp and save on the good stuff), and is dairy and gluten-free.

It comes in a pretty pink tub perfect as a backdrop for when you make your own açai bowl at home and decide to snap some IG-worthy shots.

Smoof acai sorbet Photo from Smoof

Smoof also makes sure that the pints gets delivered to your doorstep frozen so there's no need to worry about the quality getting compromised.


We suggest leaving a pint out to thaw for a few minutes before you attempt to scoop it out.

Smoof acai pints with plantsPhoto from Smoof

The açai sorbet is ready-to-eat and doesn't require blending. All you have to do is cut up some fruits, add your own toppings and drizzle some nut butter for a delicious treat in the comfort of your own home!

Smoof acai bowlPhoto from Smoof

Smoof also sells toppings (with additional charges) such as cacao nibs, cookie butter and chia seeds so you won't even have to step out of the house to purchase your own.

Smoof acai bowl with fruitsPhoto from Smoof

The açai pints cost $33 for three after the buy two get one free promotion, which means each pint only costs $11!

You will also be entitled to free delivery as long as you hit the minimum purchase of $30. Get an additional 5% off if you purchase $60 worth of items.

Get it here.

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