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New Acai Place Near Bugis Lets You Customise Your Own Bowl With Unlimited Toppings At A Fixed Price

New Acai Place Near Bugis Lets You Customise Your Own Bowl With Unlimited Toppings At A Fixed Price

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By Wei Yin on 03 Mar 2021
Digital Editor

Acai bowls are a healthier dessert option that taste and look good at the same time, but they can be expensive because of the fresh and high quality ingredients and toppings that go into them.


But, the good news is we found Cornercove, a new acai place in Singapore that lets you customise your own acai bowl with unlimited toppings at an affordable fixed price!

Read on to find out more!

Cornercove storefrontPhoto from @doggaebi via Instagram

Cornercove is a cafe at Beach Road which recently opened in December last year selling customisable acai and smoothie bowls, cold pressed juices and specialty coffee.

The brand believes in creating a friendly space with emphasis placed on healthy living, which is why they strive to only use the healthiest and most natural ingredients.

Cornercove toppingsPhoto from @doggaebi via Instagram

Their acai comes directly from the Amazon and their dry ingredients are from countries such as Sri Lanka, US, Peru and more, to ensure they provide natural but standout flavours in their bowls.


The coffee beans used in their coffee are also roasted in small batches on a weekly basis for the freshest taste! Apart from the juices and coffee, the star of Cornercove is, of course, their customisable acai and smoothie bowls with unlimited toppings at a fixed price.

Here's how to order:

#1 Pick your bowl size

Cornercove acai bowlsPhoto from @cornercove via Instagram

Choose from the $9.80 or $14.80 bowl sizes.

#2 Pick your base

Cornercove acai basesPhoto from @doggaebi via Instagram

Mix and match the bases according to your preference! Flavours include Acai, Pitaya, Matcha, Tropical Turmeric, Strawberry Chocolate Protein, Coconut and more.


#3 Pick your fruits

Cornercove unlimited toppingsPhoto from @cornercove via Instagram

Unlimited toppings really means you get to choose whatever you want and how much you want (but of course, only if they fit into the bowl)! Choose from strawberries, bananas, dragonfruits, pineapples, apples and papayas.

#4 Pick your nut butter

Cornercove bowl of assembled acaiPhoto from @cornercove via Instagram

It's worthy to note that Cornercove's nut butter are all freshly churned! Options are peanut, almond and cashew butter.

#5 Pick your final toppings

Cornercove choice of toppingsPhoto from @cornercove via Instagram


Choose from a wide variety of nuts, dried fruits, seeds and powders (including matcha, cacao and more).

And voila, building your own acai or smoothie bowl will only take five easy steps.

Cornercove seating areaPhoto from @doggaebi via Instagram

Cornercove kitchen areaPhoto from @doggaebi via Instagram

Cornercove is also a chill place with mostly minimalist white and the occasional pops of colours in the form of photo frames and greenery. Head there soon to indulge in some yummy and nutritious desserts with some friends!

Address: 371 Beach Rd, #B1-48, Singapore 199597
Opening hours: 11am - 8pm daily
Website | Instagram

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