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6 Online Bakeries To Get Scones From In Singapore For A High Tea Session At Home

6 Online Bakeries To Get Scones From In Singapore For A High Tea Session At Home

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By Wei Yin on 24 Jul 2021
Digital Editor

Are you one of those who was looking forward to unwinding with a relaxing afternoon high tea but had to cancel due to the dining restrictions?


Looking on the bright side though, it's totally possible to replicate a high tea experience in the comfort of your own home! Here are six best online bakeries to get scones from in Singapore for a high tea session at home.

Check them out below!

#1 Jamming Scones

Jamming Scones' scones in a boxPhoto from Jamming Scones

Jamming Scones specialises in artisanal scones and also sells jams in interesting flavours to go with them. Both baked goods and spreads don't contain preservatives and are low in sugar - perfect for those who are health-conscious.

Jamming Scones' different types of sconesPhoto from Jamming Scones

The scones come in a few variations - Classic Butter, Honey Pistachio, Osmanthus Honey Longan, Rosemary Parmesan, and Earl Grey.


Spreads to go with the scones include Earl Grey Milk Tea, Whiskey Orange, Raspberry Lychee Rose, Lemon Lavender, Garlic Herb Butter, Dark Chocolate Hojicha, and the must-have Clotted Cream.

Jamming Scones' scones with spreadPhoto from Jamming Scones

The good thing about ordering from Jamming Scones is that the spread comes jars ranging from 30 to 210g, so you won't have to scrimp and save on it. Just apply a thick layer and enjoy your scone!

Price: from $3 for spreads and from $18 for sets (including scones & spreads)

#2 Scones Lab

Scones Lab's scones on a platterPhoto from Scones Lab

The mini scones from Scones Lab are known for their buttery and fragrant flavour and they come in a box of 24 - great for a larger family or for gifting.

Scones Lab classic sconesPhoto from Scones Lab


Flavours for the scones range from the classics like Cranberry, Raisins and Butterscotch, to unique ones like Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt and White Chocolate Chip.

Scones Lab Speculoos scones Photo from Scones Lab

Scones Lab also comes up with limited edition flavours once in a while such as Speculoos S'mores and Pineapple.

You can choose to purchase clotted cream and British strawberry jam to go with the scones too.

Price: $30 for a box of 24 mini scones (additional charges for spreads)

#3 The King Scones

The King Scones scones in a basket with teaPhoto from The King Scones

The King Scones only focuses on selling two types of scones - Royal Sultana and Classic Butter. So if you feel overwhelmed by too many choices, these two should be enough to satisfy your cravings without having to spend a long time on deciding which flavour to get.


The King Scones Royal Sultana sconesPhoto from The King Scones

The Royal Sultana scones are filled with chunky dried seedless green grapes for that burst of flavour, while the Classic Butter scones are made with French butter for an even richer taste and texture.

The King Scones flatlyPhoto from The King Scones

You can also choose to add on clotted cream or French butter and jam, then make a cuppa tea for the full experience.

The King Scones is also offering free delivery on 7 August 2021 to celebrate National Day!

Price: from $3 for spreads and $15 for scones in a box of six


SCONE.FOLKS three flavours sconesPhoto from SCONE.FOLKS


Are small and round scones simply not enough for you? Get these triangular ones in a larger serving from SCONE.FOLKS instead! This Muslim-owned home-based business bakes some of the prettiest scones we have ever seen and you are going to want to snap some pictures for the 'gram before devouring them!

SCONE.FOLKS matcha sconesPhoto from SCONE.FOLKS

Their current Summer-Tea Assortment consists of three flavours - Vanilla Chai Tea, Matcha with Lemon Glaze and Earl Grey Honey.

SCONE.FOLKS Vanilla Chai sconesPhoto from SCONE.FOLKS

They are also having a special promotion where you can purchase two boxes of three scones at $30, including delivery! Take note that this is while stocks last.

Price: $30 for two boxes of three
Instagram | Google Form (to place orders)

#5 Hello Scones

Hello Scones three types of sconesPhoto from Hello Scones


Hello Scones lets you pair both savoury and sweet together with its scone boxes for the best of both worlds! Flavours are on rotation and the ones available for sale now include Date & Orange, Lychee Rose and Maple Pecan & Bacon.

Hello Scones' scones with jamPhoto from Hello Scones

Spreads like cream, jam and butter are included with every order and you can choose to add on more if you wish to.

Hello Scones bacon sconesPhoto from Hello Scones

Their scones are so popular that the only date left to order for next month is on 16 August - so fastest fingers first to snap up the remaining slots! Otherwise, look out for ad hoc bake sales on Hello Scones' Instagram page.

Price: $35 for nine scones
Instagram | Google Form (to place orders)

#6 Mel's Scone Story

Mel's Scone Story raisin sconesPhoto from Mel's Scone Story


Mel's Scone Story is a fairly new home-based business but their scones have been praised for being soft and fluffy by reviewers! Flavours that are available for purchase include Cranberry, Date, Earl Grey Lavender and Matcha.

Mel's Scone Story scones in boxesPhoto from Mel's Scone Story

The crust has a crispy browning texture but the inside manages to stay moist. Pair these with jam, butter or clotted cream, but you will have to get the spreads yourself as Mel's Scone Story doesn't sell them.

Mel's Scone Story earl grey sconePhoto from Mel's Scone Story

They sell muffins too!

Price: from $12 for six

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