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This Cookie Run Personality Quiz Is Pretty Accurate, Try It And See Which Character You Get

This Cookie Run Personality Quiz Is Pretty Accurate, Try It And See Which Character You Get

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By Wei Yin on 12 Aug 2021
Digital Editor
An INFP who enjoys watching sappy Korean dramas in her free time. Good food and cute dogs are all she needs.

Personality tests are all in the name of fun, but sometimes, they can be scarily accurate too. If such tests are up your alley, you need to try this Cookie Run personality test.


The "Which cookie am I in Cookie Run?" quiz will let you find out which cookie character you are and its corresponding traits. We tried it out for ourselves and can say that it's pretty accurate!

Read on to find out more!

Cookie Run personality testPhoto from Cookie Run

You would have probably heard of, or even played the Cookie Run game before, as it was one of the most popular mobile games many years back. Though newer games have taken its spot over the years, those who remember Cookie Run will always have a soft spot for this adorable yet exciting game.

Well, now's the chance for you to take a walk down memory lane with this personality quiz!

Cookie Run personality test questionPhoto from Cookie Run

Answer a total of 12 questions by choosing from the options given. It shouldn't take too long, as each question is fairly easy to answer.


Some questions include:
- What is your reaction when the wrong meal gets delivered to you?
- What would you do when things don't work out?
- What is your type of travel theme?
- What is your reaction when someone compliments you?
- How would you react if you were being robbed?
- How do you act in front of your crush?

Cookie Run Angel CookiePhoto from Cookie Run

You will be assigned a character out of nearly 50 Cookies when you are done answering the questions. Then, read all about the character's traits and see if they correspond with yours.

Here's an example:

Cookie Run personality quiz traitsPhoto from Cookie Run

We like that there's no sugarcoating and that it also provides tips. But like what we always say, take such tests with a grain of salt!

You can take the test here.

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