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This Trending Test Will Tell You Your Personality Colour & Help You Understand Yourself Better

This Trending Test Will Tell You Your Personality Colour & Help You Understand Yourself Better

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By Wei Yin on 01 Mar 2021
Digital Editor

If you can't get enough of personality tests, you will be glad to know there's another trending test that will tell you your personality colour and its corresponding traits to help you understand yourself better.


We tried it out for ourselves and are happy to report that we think it's pretty accurate too.

Read on to find out more about this trending personality test and try it out yourself!

K-test personality colour testPhoto from K-test

This 'What is my color?' personality test has been gaining traction recently in Korea and Japan for being quick, fun and accurate. A personality colour will be assigned to you after answering a series of short questions, followed by a short description to explain the colour.

Here are some of the questions you will have to answer (take note that the translated English version is not grammatically perfect but still understandable):

#1 How do you behave around your friends?

K-test personality colour test question 1Photo from K-test


Do you usually wait for them to start the conversation first, or do you start the ball rolling?

#2 What do you enjoy doing during the weekends?

K-test personality colour test weekend plansPhoto from K-test

Do you enjoy going out and meeting people, or do you prefer to stay home?

#3 Which atmosphere do you feel more comfortable in when with your friends?

K-test personality colour test atmospherePhoto from K-test

Do you like having conversations with a few friends in a calm atmosphere, or do you prefer a noisy and exciting vibe?

#4 What is more important to you?


K-test personality colour test important traitsPhoto from K-test

Do you believe in living in the moment, or do you think it's important to plan for the future?

#5 What do people say about you?

K-test personality colour test what people think of youPhoto from K-test

Are you more consistent and patient, or do you hear that you're creative more often?

There are a total of 12 questions and it shouldn't take too much time for you to answer them.

When you are done answering the questions, you will be shown a personality colour and a short description.

Here's an example:


K-test alice blue colour personality testPhoto from K-test

If you got Alice Blue, it means you tend to look cold on the outside, but are actually a very warm person on the inside.

Some personality traits are: introverted, sensitive, like planning things, empathetic and mature. The test also tells you the things that get on your nerves and the kind of people you can get along with.

K-test colour personality test different types of coloursPhoto from K-test

That's not all! It also lets you know the personality colours that would fit well with you and the ones you should keep a distance from. But like what we always say, take such things with a grain of salt as it's all in the name of fun.

Other personality colours include rosebud, sweet pink, cactus, vanilla ice and more, and each of these represent different personality traits. Excited to try it out for yourself? Click here to try the 'What is my color?' test.

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