Try This Viral Japanese Colour Personality Test To See If It's Accurate For You

Try This Viral Japanese Colour Personality Test To See If It's Accurate For You

ByKarmen on 16 Oct 2020 Digital Editor

Can't resist a good ol' personality test? We've found one colour personality test you may be interested in. Posted by a Japanese twitter user back in 2019, it has garnered over 80,000 retweets.

Many commented on how accurate the results are while others pointed out that it isn't possible to define a person based on colours and a few personality traits. Either way, it's going to be fun!

Keep reading to take the test and make your own judgement! 

Simply glance through the 16 colours below and quickly pick two colours that you're instinctively drawn to:

japanese colour personality test
Photo from @animenetabot via Twitter

The two colours you picked will give an insight into your personality. Find out if it's accurate:


Positive personality traits: energetic, positive and affectionate

Negative personality traits: impatient, irritable and easily tired


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Positive personality traits: values family, sensitive towards others, kind

Negative personality traits: overly dependent on others, easily hurt, low self esteem


Positive personality traits: sociable, cheerful

Negative personality traits: overly dependent on others, reckless


Positive personality traits: wise, confident, high self esteem

Negative personality traits: overly preoccupied with success and results, arrogant


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Positive personality traits: good sense of humour & judgement, knowledgable

Negative personality traits: overly nervous, self centred, over reliant on others

Olive Green

Positive personality traits: strong teamwork skills, determined

Negative personality traits: stubborn, easily dissatisfied


Positive personality traits: an affective presence, cooperative with others, good listener

Negative personality traits: easily jealous, indecisive


Positive personality traits: empathetic, creative, artistic

Negative personality traits: difficulty expressing ideas, demanding, an inferiority complex



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Positive personality traits: trustworthy, calm, reliable

Negative personality traits: difficulty expressing themselves and handling authority figures

Royal Blue

Positive personality traits: highly intuitive, foresight, down to earth

Negative personality traits: tend to withdraw into their own world


Positive personality traits: charismatic, charitable

Negative personality traits: desire to escape reality, prone to feelings of loss


Positive personality traits: kind, a happy-go-lucky attitude, caring

Negative personality traits: perfectionist, inflexible


Positive personality traits: gentle, considerate, supportive

Negative personality traits: needy, selfish


Positive personality traits: honest, just, pure

Negative personality traits: perfectionist, sensitive "glass heart"


Positive personality traits: incorruptible, strong willed

Negative personality traits: reluctant to confide in others, negative


Positive personality traits: calm, stable, reliable, tolerant

Negative personality traits: lazy, conservative


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