What Your Favourite Shoes Say About Your Personality

What Your Favourite Shoes Say About Your Personality

ByKarmen on 13 Dec 2019 Digital Editor

You can't judge a book by its cover, but can you make a guess about a person based on his or her shoes? Perhaps you can!

Keep reading find out your personality prediction based on your go-to shoes!

#1 Ballet flats

ballet flats
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If you're someone who always turns to flats, you tend to be focused, hardworking and easy-going in the workplace. You're probably an ambivert who loves going out but also need time to yourself to recharge. Cute, pink and feminine things make you internally (or externally) squeal with delight and your go-to clothing items are skirts and dresses.

You're probably in a stable relationship or are happily single and not looking to change that status anytime soon!

#2 Stilettos or pumps

colourful stiletto heels
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If high-heeled shoes are your go-to shoes, you're fabulous and you know it. Ariana Grande's "I see it. I like it. I want it. I got it." best describes how you live your life.

While people might make assumptions about you based on your appearance, your own opinion is the only one that matters. Your friends and family love how friendly, outgoing and ambitious you are. You surround yourself with beautiful, luxurious things and won't apologise for it!

#3 Wedge heels

wedge heels
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While you have that same sense of confidence and extroverted qualities as stiletto and pump heel wearers, what sets you apart from them is your more easy-going attitude and that you're kind of a homebody.

While you love socialising, too much of it or intense situations tire you out easily and make you want to take a good nap. It's bars over clubs and relaxing dinners over wild parties for you!

#4 Chunky boots

black boots
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If you love wearing chunky boots like Dr. Martens, people see you as someone who is reliable and will stand up for what's right. You probably have a strong personality and is likely to take initiative in the workplace. While you appreciate feminine things, anything that crosses the line into the ultra-saccharine and sickeningly sweet makes you recoil in fear and confusion.

Growing up, you probably went through a brief emo phase but will never admit to it!

#5 Flip flops

black flip flops
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As expected of someone who leaves that much of their feet exposed, you are the definition of #chill and people love how comfortable it is to be around you. You're happy to go with the flow and see where life takes you.


Societal conventions, traditions and proper etiquette are things that you're not really concerned about. You're loyal to your flip flops and will defend it from anyone who criticises it as sloppy or inappropriate. Whether you're heading to a kopitiam or a 5-star hotel restaurant, your trusty pair of flip flops is a constant companion in life that will never let you down.

#6 Slides or sandals

stylish slippers
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You're very much like the regular flip flop wearers in your easy-going outlook in life and quest for comfort.

One thing that's different is that the negative comments from flip flop haters may sometimes get to you and make you turn to other shoe options. You also like to look more put together and professional while still enjoying the comfort of an open-toed slipper.

#7 Slip-on shoes

slip on loafers
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We're talking about those you can slip on like you would with flip flops such as mules, loafers and espadrilles.

You're very much like the two categories of flip flop wearers above but life dictates that you must wear work-appropriate shoes. Still, you have a carefree personality and value comfort and practicality over glamour and fashion.

You're fascinated by life hack videos and love to find the most efficient way to go about doing anything.

#8 Sport shoes

pink nike shoes
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If you're always wearing workout shoes, it's pretty obvious that you go to the gym on a regular basis.

Other than that, we deduce that you're organised, motivated and can multi-task well. You probably dislike having lots of free time to lounge around and prefer to organise activities so your schedule is packed. Makeup is unnecessary to you partly because you know you're a flawless, natural beauty!

#9 Lifestyle sneakers

white sneakers
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Nike, adidas, New Balance and Converse sneakers all fall under this category. If these are your most worn shoes, you're probably young or young at heart and get along well with everyone of different ages.

You like to look good but not too good. Being at the centre of attention makes you uncomfortable and you like looking cute and casual without standing out from the crowd. You're probably a fan of K-dramas and/or K-pop and you follow fashionable Korean celebrities for style inspiration. You would pick denim over a little black dress as a wardrobe staple any day.

What are your go-to shoes? Did we predict your personality accurately? While you're reflecting on your most worn items, check out what your go-to bag says about your personality!

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