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Personality Test: What Your Ideal Wedding Dress Says About You & Your Partner Acc. To Japanese Fortune Teller

Personality Test: What Your Ideal Wedding Dress Says About You & Your Partner Acc. To Japanese Fortune Teller

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By Karmen on 17 Apr 2021
Digital Editor

There's so much to fantasise about and plan for a wedding from the dress and nails to the photoshoot themes. Well, these dreams and ideas could reveal a little about you and the man you're marrying according to Japanese fortune teller, Sakura Beni.


Keep reading to find out what your ideal wedding dress says about your husbando! 

Based in Toyama prefecture in Japan, Sakura Beni is a Japanese fortune teller who does it all including tarot card readings, Western astrology and even crystal ball fortune-telling. She recently came up with a wedding dress personality test. Simply pick one of the dresses below that you would wear to your wedding and scroll down to find out what it says about you and the guy you're marrying in 2021.

wedding personality test illustrationPhoto from uranaitv

If You Picked A: A-Line Wedding Dress

You have a strong-willed personality and won't be tied down easily. And so, your marriage partner is probably an easygoing person who is happy to accommodate your wishes.

simple tulle wedding dressPhoto from wenglifeng via

If You Picked B: Mermaid Wedding Dress


You have a strong sense of self and maintaining your beauty is probably a high priority. The person you'll marry is someone who will always see and treat you as the woman he first met, rather than as the role of a mother and wife.

long sleeved lace mermaid dressPhoto from hometextile via

You're probably the mum of the group and have a naturally nurturing instinct. Sakura Beni predicts that you will be married to someone who has strong paternity instincts and a calm, reliable personality.

Maternity Wedding Dress with floral detailsPhoto from ourtime via

Like the princesses in fairytales, you want to meet your own Prince Charming and have a happily ever after. Your husband-to-be is likely to be someone who loves you passionately. He's someone who makes you feel like your relationship will be all lovey dovey not just at the honeymoon phase but throughout your whole lives together.

flared princess skirt wedding dressPhoto from hometextile via

If You Picked E: Simple Wedding Dress

You don't like flashy things and excess, and would rather live a simple, frugal life. And the person you'll marry is probably just like you in that aspect!

groom and bride wearing simple Satin wedding dress FrenchPhoto from wenglifeng via

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