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8 New Dessert Cafes In Singapore With Insta-Worthy Cakes, Tarts, Pastries

8 New Dessert Cafes In Singapore With Insta-Worthy Cakes, Tarts, Pastries

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By Karmen on 08 Jul 2021
Digital Editor

Foodies with a sweet tooth are spoilt for choice these days. As cafe-hopping plans are allowed to resume, there have been new dessert cafes popping up one after another.


There's the new Gram cafe at Punggol with new soufflé pancake flavours & savoury meals, and the pink dessert cafe Sweetish at Parklane mall. And on top of these two, there are eight more new dessert cafes in Singapore, each with artisanal and gorgeous treats you can enjoy in stylish interiors.

Keep reading to check them out!

#1 Cafe Kuriko

cafe kuriko mont blanc singaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Cafe Kuriko is a new dessert cafe in Funan mall that specialises in mont blanc, a chestnut-centred confectionary beloved in Japan.

There are two flavours of mont blanc ($13.90) that are freshly piped to order, Waguri, a Japanese variety of chestnut, and Purple Sweet Potato. You can choose either chestnut or cheese as your mont blanc base.

cafe kuriko chestnut mont blanc singaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


The purée on top had a light, creamy consistency with rich and decadent chestnut flavour. Paired with the alcohol-infused chestnut cake and cream base and chestnut bits, this mont blanc never gets boring.

The cafe also serves mont blanc in the form of a parfait. The Purple Sweet Potato Parfait ($13.90) has vanilla ice cream, rice crisps and jelly under the mont blanc puree, topped with chestnut bits, dango, cake and chocolate.

The purple sweet potato had a deep flavour and creamy richness without being too sweet - perfect for local taste buds. It's complemented by various toppings that added many contrasting textures from crunchiness to chewiness.

cafe kuriko purple sweet potato mont blanc parfait singaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Besides mont blanc, Cafe Kuriko also serves tarts and cakes. Some worth trying are the refreshing Mixed Fruit Tart ($9.35/slice) with tangy fruit slices weaved between delicate cream, and Mont Blanc Zuccotto ($10.90), a mont blanc and tart fusion.

cafe kuriko mont blanc zuccoto singaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Out of the eight Cha-Nabes, we went for the Aburi Chicken Truffle Soya Milk Set ($18.90, or $15.90 for a la carte) which comes with with potato salad, pickles and a drink.

Everything about this cha-nabe hit the right spot, from the tender chicken with a charred flavour and mushrooms to the springy udon noodles and comforting broth with a pronounced truffle aroma. Those with lactose intolerance can also consider this meal option when the mood for a milky, rich broth arises.


chicken truffle cha nabe udon cafe kuriko singaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Although the set came with drinks, we also tried the Mont Blanc Latte ($8.90), a surprisingly perfect mix of chestnut mont blanc puree and creamy coffee, and Matcha Latte ($7.90), a rich and smooth drink that matcha connoisseurs would approve of.

The interior has a minimalist, unpretentious vibe while still being a cosy spot for a meal or dessert.

cafe kuriko mont blanc singaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Cafe Kuriko
Address: 107 North Bridge Rd, Funan Mall #01-11
Opening hours: 11am - 8pm daily
Facebook | Instagram


LA VIE minimalist dessert cafe singaporePhoto from LA VIE

Formerly an online, home-based patisserie named Reverie Patisserie, it has since evolved into LA VIE, a cafe with a minimalist aesthetic.


LA VIE minimalist dessert cafe singaporePhoto from LA VIE

But the real highlight of this cafe is their pretty, delicate desserts that are curiously given people names. Alfie ($10) is a fallen ice cream cone dessert made of Valrhona Jivara mousse, banana slices, salted caramel, milk chocolate ganache and  dark chocolate cake.

lychee boba potted plant desserts at LA VIE singaporPhoto from LA VIE

For something sweeter, try Chloe ($8.50), a lychee and rose cake topped with popping lychee boba.

A fruity option is Kaiser ($9), a mango-centred dessert with passionfruit sponge and popping boba.

assorted cakes la vie singaporePhoto from LA VIE

There are also some desserts with non-human names like Bailey's Tiramisu ($8.50), a classic Italian tiramisu that looks like a potted plant, and the adorable porcupine-shaped Épic ($11) that will be a hit among chocolate lovers.

chocolate porcupine dessert at LA VIE singaporePhoto from LA VIE


Address: 204 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208890
Opening hours: Fri to Sat: 12 - 11pm, Sun to Thurs: 12 - 6pm, closed on Mondays.
Facebook | Instagram

#3 Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie

nuage dessert cafe singapore interiorPhoto from Nuage

The patisserie's name, Nuage, meaning "cloud" in French, reflects its free-spirited nature. Like how clouds are constantly changing but are beautiful in every form, Nuage's desserts are whimsical, unexpected and always aesthetically pleasing.

Starting from their most stunning creation, Exotic Coco ($9.80) is a daisy-shaped delight made of coconut whipped ganache and banana compote on top of a crunchy coconut sablé base.

coconut daisy shaped cake Nuage Patisserie & BoulangeriePhoto from Nuage

Something to befuddle your senses is the Strawberry Popcorn ($9.80), a realistic-looking dessert that's completely edible, down to the "paper" carton. This creative popcorn-shaped cake has a variety of textures with a fluffy vanilla sponge, smooth strawberry cream & compote, and crunchy crumble base and chocolate-coated popcorn.

popcorn cake Nuage Patisserie & BoulangeriePhoto from Nuage


For more traditional flavours, try the Pistachio Strawberry Tart ($9.20). It has melt-in-your-mouth pistachio almond cream and pistachio whipped ganache coupled with strawberry confit for a tangy punch, all perfectly arranged on a crunchy sablé base.

pistachio strawberry tart Nuage Patisserie & BoulangeriePhoto from Nuage

Novelty items aside, Nuage also has classic French pastries like Croissants ($4) and Pain Au Chocolat ($4.50) made of AOP French butter. This type of butter is often regarded as the ingredient for making perfect croissants that have flaky, crisp layers of delicate dough and a rich taste with subtle hazelnut highlights.

pastries at nuage dessert cafe singaporePhoto from Nuage

Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie
Address: 47 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169361
Opening hours: Wed & Thurs: 9.30am - 5pm, Sun: 8.30am - 4pm (check with the cafe for updated opening hours)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

#4 Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe interior biopolis singaporePhoto from Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

Helmed by a Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo pastry graduate, Whiskit Bakery & Cafe has just moved to a new location with a nature-inspired look.


The interior is filled with various forms of greenery from a giant leafy mural and plant-patterned wallpaper to hanging and potted plants.

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe singaporePhoto from Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe leaf wall mural signaporePhoto from Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

The cafe specialises in tarts that are even prettier than the store. Besides classic flavours like Lemon Meringue ($7) and Hazelnut Speculoos ($7), you can also venture into unique, local-inspired ones like Kaya Ondeh ($5)and Orh Nee Ginko ($7).

assorted tarts by Whiskit Bakery & CafePhoto from Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

Their cakes are also a must-try. Some bestsellers are the Chocolat ($8.50) and Ondeh Ondeh ($7) cakes as well as the Valrhone Chocolate Brownie ($5).

whiskit cafe cakes tarts brownie singaporePhoto from Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

earl grey lavender and blueberry loaf cakes at Whiskit Bakery & Cafe singaporePhoto from Whiskit Bakery & Cafe


This cafe can also be a brunch destination as they serve affordable local comfort food like Curry Chicken ($8), Kaya & Earl Grey Butter Toast ($2.20 - $2.40) and Traditional Kopi/Teh ($1.80 - $2.40).

singapore kaya butter toast at Whiskit Bakery & CafePhoto from Whiskit Bakery & Cafe

Whiskit Bakery & Cafe
Address: 11 Biopolis Way, #01-08 Helios, Singapore 138667
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 8.30am – 5pm, Sat: 11am - 5pm, closed on Sundays. (pastries available from 11am)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

#5 Matchaya at Takashimaya

matchaya cafe at takashimaya singaporePhoto from Matchaya

Matchaya has opened its largest cafe yet in the heart of Orchard. This new outlet has its signature Japanese-inspired look with a grey and dark teal colour scheme.

matchaya cafe at takashimaya singaporePhoto from Matchaya

Their signature matcha desserts remain a mainstay at this cafe. Matcha lovers will be spoilt for choice with bittersweet delights like Matcha Choux Puff ($5), Matcha Azuki Roll Cake ($6), Signature Matchaya Parfait ($16.90) and Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream ($6).


matchaya roll cake choux and soft serve ice creamPhoto from Matchaya

Other desserts on the menu include the vividly coloured Fluffy Roll Cakes ($6) in four flavours: Matcha Azuki, Lavender Earl Grey, Raspberry Swirl and Yuzu Coconut.

matchaya Koicha Azuki Roll CakesPhoto from Matchaya

matchaya pancake with strawberryPhoto from Matchaya

Matchaya at Takashimaya
Address: #03-10A, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238872
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm daily
Website | Facebook | Instagram

#6 Hvala at Craig Road

Hvala cafe japanese vegan Craig road singaporePhoto from Hvala

Japanese tea house and dessert cafe Hvala has just opened their latest outlet at Craig road and it's the first one to feature a 100% vegan menu.⁣


Vegans, vegetarians and the lactose-intolerant can indulge in their range of desserts that are entirely free of animal products including Matcha Mont Blanc ($8.80), Mont Noir ($), Warabi Mochi ($4.80) and Waffles ($11.80) with Gelato ($5.80 – $7.80).

Matcha Mont Blanc and Goma Mont Noir at hvala cafe singaporePhoto from Hvala

matcha ?????? ????? at hvala singaporePhoto from Hvala

tea cakes at hvala cafe singaporePhoto from Hvala

The cafe interior has their signature zen Japanese-style look with minimalist furniture, houseplants and artwork lining the walls.

Hvala cafe japanese vegan Craig road singaporePhoto from Hvala

The most coveted and photo-worthy seating spot is this bright and cosy space below with a light well and a living room-type set-up.

Hvala cafe japanese vegan Craig road singaporePhoto from Hvala

Hvala at Craig Road
Address: 40 Craig Rd, Singapore 089678
Opening hours: Mon & Weds to Sun: 12 - 9.30pm, closed on Tuesdays.
Website | FacebookInstagram | Menu

#7 Edith Patisserie Cake Bar 

Edith Patisserie Cake Bar singaporePhoto from Edith Patisserie Cake Bar

Edith Patisserie Cake Bar also originated as a home-based bakery and recently launched their first dine-in cafe.

P.S. Check out 12 home-based bakeries in Singapore for unique finds perfect for birthdays and special occasions.

The interior has an industrial style with a pretty, cosy touch. Exposed cement contrast with leafy greens and dried flowers for a Pinterest-worthy aesthetic.

Edith Patisserie Cake Bar singaporePhoto from @saltyaaron via Instagram

dine in seating area at Edith Patisserie Cake Bar singaporePhoto from @saltyaaron via Instagram

Their signature Sliced Cakes ($8) come in a wide variety of flavours from classics to more unique ones like Thai Milk Tea, Gin & Tonic and Coconut Gula Melaka.

assorted sliced cakes at Edith Patisserie Cake Bar singaporePhoto from Edith Patisserie Cake Bar

On those days you're craving simple comfort food, you can't go wrong with their Mini Basque Cheesecake ($13). This warm, creamy cheesecake is served with mixed berries and honey soft serve ice cream.

burnt basque cheesecake at Edith Patisserie Cake BarPhoto from Edith Patisserie Cake Bar

For those who love matcha and lava cakes, the Matcha Terrine ($17) has both of your loves in one. Break into the wobbly matcha cake and you'll get warm matcha lava oozing out for a satisfying sight. It's also served with mixed berries and honey soft serve.

matcha lava cake with soft serve ice cream Edith Patisserie Cake BarPhoto from Edith Patisserie Cake Bar

Edith Patisserie Cake Bar
Address: 9 Penang Rd, #01-06, Singapore 238459 (2-minute walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station)
Opening hours: Mon & Weds to Fri: 11am - 7pm, Sat: 12 - 9pm, closed on Tuesdays.
Website | Facebook | Instagram

#8 Tigerlily Patisserie

Tigerlily Patisserie singapore cafe interiorPhoto from @yuki_naito26 via Instagram

Online bakery Tigerlily Patisserie has just opened its first cafe in Singapore with a vibrant tropical-inspired interior.

Tigerlily Patisserie dessert cafe singaporePhoto from @saltyaaron via Instagram

Led by a pastry chef from a Michelin-starred restaurant, the cafe offers breakfast and brunch items in addition to desserts and pastries.

But undoubtedly, the star of their menu is their artistic looking desserts with a theatric air. The Beehive ($11) looks like, well, a beehive, Pistachio Marimo ($10) looks like a cute moss ball, and Pink Guava & Pear ($10) is a delicate little thing adorned with flower petals and pistachios.

cakes at Tigerlily Patisserie singaporePhoto from @saltyaaron via Instagram

tigerlily patisserie singapore moss marimo ball dessertPhoto from @madhanrui via Instagram

Tigerlily Patisserie
Address: 350 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427598
Opening hours:  Tues to Sun: 9am - 6pm, closed on Mondays.
Website | Instagram

Bonus new dessert cafes in Singapore:

new dessert cafes singapore

Tearuk Dessert Bar - Thai yaowarat buns with oozing fillings, Thai red ruby, bubble tea, snow ice & more
- Sweet Cheeks - gelato cafe has unique flavours like Baileys & Brownies and opens till 1am
Lady M Champagne Bar - first of its kind in the world with brunch food, afternoon tea and Champagne Mille Crêpes
Cat & The Fiddle - beloved local cheesecake brand's first cafe with cheesecakes, soft serve ice & waffles

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