Kyoto-Inspired Coffee Roaster Cafe At Jurong Has Zen Japanese Vibes & Hokkaido Milk Matcha Lattes

Kyoto-Inspired Coffee Roaster Cafe At Jurong Has Zen Japanese Vibes & Hokkaido Milk Matcha Lattes

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By Rachel on 06 May 2021
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Japan-crazy Singaporeans are always on a quest to find a piece of their favourite holiday destination in our sunny island - and we’ve been pretty blessed so far. Recently, we uncovered Ji Hotel, Singapore’s answer to Tokyo’s famous MUJI hotel, as well as MoMiJi Cafe with gourmet Kyoto sandos and an interior depicting scenery of Japan’s four seasons. There’s also Brown Butter, a cafe decked out in gorgeous pink sakura decor!

Joining the list of “Japan-in-Singapore” establishments is Suzuki Coffee, a coffee roaster cafe with serious Kyoto vibes in a secluded spot at Jurong. With lattes made using Hokkaido milk and uji matcha from Kyoto itself - along with traditional Japanese-inspired decor - this is as close to the real deal as it gets!

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Read on to find out more about Suzuki Coffee in Singapore!

Suzuki Coffee SingaporePhoto from @cafetoilet100 via Instagram

While this cafe might appear new to us, Suzuki Coffee has actually been around since 1970. In fact, they’re one of the oldest coffee roasters in Singapore, and have supplied to prestigious companies like Singapore Airlines and various 5-star hotels. Their in-house factory is located on the second floor, where coffee beans are roasted and ground, while the first floor serves as their cafe space.

Previously, the cafe had a standard modern look, but they’ve since undergone a total makeover and now boast Japanese vibes with wooden furnishing, bonsai trees, noren curtains - it’s the epitome of zen! The theme holds true for both the exterior and interior of the cafe, and even the short industrial building its housed in sort of resembles the more contemporary, refurbished shophouses in Kyoto.

Suzuki Coffee SingaporePhoto from @saltyaaron via Instagram

Perhaps one of its most striking, defining features on the inside is the shishi-odoshi in a corner near the exit. For the uninitiated, shishi-odoshi is traditionally used to gently scare away deer and boars from eating crops - with the knocking sound that is made when the bamboo flute tips over once filled with water. Today, it’s mostly used as decor, and we must say that it really amps up the whole ambience of this teahouse-style coffeehouse!

Suzuki Coffee SingaporePhoto from @saltyaaron via Instagram

There are various forms of seating to pick from, including an irregular looping wooden bench in the middle which also doubles up as a focal piece.

Suzuki Coffee SingaporePhoto from @saltyaaron via Instagram

We recommend picking a space along the long window counter table if you enjoy people watching and don’t mind a little bit of sunshine. Peer out at the quiet streets with warm coffee in hand, and soak in the tranquility - a welcome change of pace in this busy little red dot! 

Suzuki Coffee SingaporePhoto from @saltyaaron via Instagram

If those wooden chairs are too stiff for you liking, you can always opt for the green fabric armchairs at the rustic unfinished wood table.

Suzuki Coffee Singapore

The cafe’s decor isn’t the only thing that has gotten a refresh. Their menu has also been revamped, with a larger range of beverages made using Hokkaido Milk. These include the Kyoto Uji Matcha Hokkaido Latte (from $8), and Kyoto Uji Houjicha Hokkaido Anmitsu Latte (from $9)


Suzuki Coffee SingaporePhoto from @admkewe via Instagram

For the most authentic experience, these are served on little wooden trays - much like how it is done at traditional teahouses in Japan. As a little treat, each drink comes with a free Lotus Biscoff speculoos cookie!

Suzuki Coffee SingaporePhoto from @madhanrui via Instagram

Below is Suzuki Coffee’s menu for easy reference. Drinks aside, it looks like they’ll be tempting us with some Japanese Seasonal Sweets starting from just $3.50 as well! 

Suzuki coffee cafe Singapore menuPhoto from @pockyxmomo via Instagram

Get ready for the commute - getting to Suzuki Coffee isn’t the easiest if you’re not a Westie. You’ll either have to take Bus 79 from Boon Lay Interchange and walk for 5 minutes, or brave a 20-minute walk from Boon Lay MRT station.

Suzuki Coffee SingaporePhoto from @marc.marcos via Instagram

Be prepared for a wait too. According to some Instagrammers, queues form long before the cafe opens at 10am, and turning up just 15 minutes after that will have you waiting for at least 45 minutes!

Suzuki Coffee SingaporePhoto from @suzukicoffee via Instagram

In time to come, it is said that Suzuki Coffee will be hosting tours within their in-house factory, where you’ll get an in-depth glimpse into their processes. Stay tuned for further updates!

Suzuki Coffee SingaporePhoto from @suzukicoffee via Instagram

Suzuki Coffee
Address: 8 Chin Bee Avenue, Singapore 619932
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10am - 5pm | Saturday : 10am - 4pm (Closed on Sunday)
Telephone: 6266 3933

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