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McDonald's Unveils New Retro Packaging With Playful Bold Colours, Will Be Rolled Out Globally

McDonald's Unveils New Retro Packaging With Playful Bold Colours, Will Be Rolled Out Globally

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By Wei Yin on 21 Feb 2021
Digital Editor

McDonald's is a household brand that has been consistently coming up with new offerings - remember the Pokémon Happy Meal toys and peach pie in a pretty pink?


This time, McDonald's has unveiled something new once again, but it has nothing to do with toys or food - the fast food chain has teamed up with creative agency Pearlfisher to redesign its packaging instead!

Read on to find out more!

Pearlfisher McDonald's new packagingPhoto from Pearlfisher

Pearlfisher has pulled out some of the most delicious and iconic menu items, from Big Mac® to McFlurry®, to redesign their packaging.

The renewed packaging has retro touches and bold, playful colours that will bring a sense of joy.

Pearlfisher McDonald's fillet o fish packagingPhoto from Pearlfisher

Pearlfisher McDonald's Big Mac packagingPhoto from Pearlfisher


The Filet-O-Fish® packaging is reimagined with cool blue waves while the design on the Big Mac® looks like a burger.

Pearlfisher McDonald's Egg Mcmuffin packagingPhoto from Pearlfisher

The Egg McMuffin®'s packaging is simple but cute at the same time, with a plain white background to represent the egg white and a dollop of yellow to represent the egg yolk.

Pearlfisher McDonald's fries packagingPhoto from Pearlfisher

There's not much of a difference to the packaging for the fries, but take a closer look and you will notice that the inside of the new packaging will come printed with sticks of french fries.

Pearlfisher McDonald's McFlurry packagingPhoto from Pearlfisher

The new McFlurry packaging will come in bright pops of colours in red and pink.

Pearlfisher McDonald's new packaging on a trayPhoto from Pearlfisher

The easy-to-understand graphics will make McDonald's new packaging easily recognisable.

Pearlfisher McDonald's new packaging flat layPhoto from Pearlfisher

The packaging for the rest of the menu has not been revealed yet, but it's safe to say they are going to look as fun as what we have seen so far!

We can expect to see these new designs in our local McDonald's stores in the near future as they will be rolled out around the world, according to Pearlfisher.

Do you like the new packaging design?

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