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New Cafe Near Yishun Opened By HK Actor Benz Hui's Daughter Serves Both Savoury & Sweet Items

New Cafe Near Yishun Opened By HK Actor Benz Hui's Daughter Serves Both Savoury & Sweet Items

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By Wei Yin on 28 Dec 2020
Digital Editor

There's a new cafe at Springside Green that is near Yishun and you might just spot veteran Hong Kong actor, Benz Hui, there if you are lucky!


Read on to find out more!

Charmaine Hui and Benz HuiPhoto from @charmainexhui via Instagram

Cafe Bakeaholic is newly opened by Benz Hui's 23-year-old daughter, Charmaine Hui, and it was born out of her love for baking. Charmaine first started out as a home baker a few months back and has now successfully turned her passion into a business.

Charmaine Hui at Cafe BakeaholicPhoto from @charmainexhui via Instagram

The establishment serves both savoury and sweet items and just like any other cafe, it also has decorations and interior design that are worthy of the 'gram.

Cafe Bakeaholic interior designPhoto from @bakeaholic_sg via Instagram

The design of the cafe is kept mostly minimalist with splashes of pink paired with terrazzo tabletops, giving it a cosy and relaxing ambience great for an afternoon tea session with a group of close friends.


Cafe Bakeaholic lightbulb areaPhoto from @bakeaholic_sg via Instagram

When you are done munching on the food and desserts, head over to another Insta-worthy corner with lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling and the Cafe Bakeaholic logo in the background to snap even more photos.

Benz Hui at Cafe BakeaholicPhoto from @benz_hui via Instagram

It's also where Benz Hui sat!

The cafe takes up two spacious units so there is plenty of space for customers to sit down and enjoy their bakes.

Desserts served at Cafe Bakeaholic Photo from Cafe Bakeaholic

If you are planning to head to Cafe Bakeaholic soon, make sure you try the pastries and desserts on their menu!

Cafe Bakeaholic blueberry loafPhoto from Cafe Bakeaholic


Cafe Bakeaholic Sea Salt BrookiesPhoto from Cafe Bakeaholic

Cafe Bakeaholic donutsPhoto from Cafe Bakeaholic

Bestsellers include Sea Salt Brookies, Banana Walnut Loaf, madeleines (lemon, earl grey and genmai matcha) and donuts (sugar and cinnamon).

Cafe Bakeaholic Grilled Cauliflower BitesPhoto from Cafe Bakeaholic

Cafe Bakeaholic Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese BagelPhoto from Cafe Bakeaholic

Other savoury items on their menu include Grilled Cauliflower Bites, Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel, salads, pizzas and all-day breakfast.

Cafe Bakeaholic desserts and drinksPhoto from Cafe Bakeaholic

Cafe Bakeaholic coffeePhoto from Cafe Bakeaholic

Popular drink options are their coffees and matcha series including Matcha Latte, Sparkling Matcha Yuzu and more.

Prices range from $2.80 to $70. See their full menu here.

Address: The Brooks II #01-12 & 13, 25 Springside Green Singapore 786015
Opening hours: 10AM - 10PM on weekdays only
Website | Instagram

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