This Minimalist Taiwanese-Style Cafe In Singapore Serves Pastries & Desserts, Plays Mandopop On Loop

This Minimalist Taiwanese-Style Cafe In Singapore Serves Pastries & Desserts, Plays Mandopop On Loop

By Wei Yin on 08 Dec 2020
Digital Editor

If you are looking for your next cafe hopping adventure, why not venture out of town area of Singapore and head somewhere slightly further, but with less crowd for a peaceful afternoon?

Simple Cafe 簡單。is a fairly new cafe located in West Coast, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This Taiwanese-style cafe serves pastries and desserts made in-house and plays Mandopop on loop.

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Simple Cafe logo
Photo from @simple.cafesg via Instagram

Simple Cafe takes on a minimalist, chic interior design with white walls and wooden furniture. It's co-owned by three friends and mainly operated by the two bakers, Sheryl and Maisie.

The inspiration for Simple Cafe came about when the owners noticed the lack of cafes in Singapore with the laidback vibe similar to the ones in Taiwan.

Simple Cafe couch seating area
Photo from @simple.cafesg via Instagram

Despite looking a lot less extravagant than many of the Insta-worthy cafes in Singapore, the uncomplicated design is a breath of fresh air and provides respite when you just want to sit down and relax in a comfortable ambience. This is what the owners had in mind too - a peaceful environment for customers to unwind.

The wooden chairs and tables give off MUJI vibes. You can also choose to sit on cushioned seats that have been replicated to look like a home's cosy corner with the strategic placement of greenery like plants.

Simple Cafe bar table area
Photo from @simple.cafesg via Instagram

The rest of the cafe is kept equally simple, just like its name suggests. You will be able to see the barista at work while you savour the desserts and listen to Mandopop playing softly in the background.

Simple Cafe desserts
Photo from @simple.cafesg via Instagram


The pastries and desserts served at Simple Cafe are all baked in-house by the cafe's owners. Some of their bestsellers are the donuts stuffed with filling, Berry Cake and Bassion (tart with passionfruit curd, banana compote and vanilla cream).

Simple Cafe cakes
Photo from @simple.cafesg via Instagram

Other options include Fig Pound, Mont Blanc, chocolate cakes and more.

Drink options include coffees such as black, white or mocha, and teas such as oolong, sencha, earl grey and more. You can opt for hot or cold versions.

Prices are pretty affordable too, ranging from $4 to $10.

Simple Cafe berry tart
Photo from @simple.cafesg via Instagram

Although Simple Cafe is located further away from town, there will be less noise and crowd, making it the perfect place to head to for a pleasant cafe experience!

Address: 1 W Coast Dr, #01-87 Newest, Singapore 128020
Opening hours: Closed on Monday, Tuesday - Sunday: 9.30AM - 7.30PM
Social media: Instagram

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