BHG Is Having 54% Off Sale On Mayer Air Fryers In A Retro Design & 2 Pastel Colours

BHG Is Having 54% Off Sale On Mayer Air Fryers In A Retro Design & 2 Pastel Colours

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By Wei Yin on 07 Dec 2020
Digital Editor

Air fryers are one of the best inventions ever because they are so fuss-free and easy to use at the same time.

All you have to do is adjust the temperature and timer, pop your food in and you will get piping hot and crispy meals in no time.

And now is the time to get one as BHG is having a 54% off sale on Mayer air fryers!

Read on to find out more!

BHG Mayer sale
Photo from BHG

The Mayer 1.5L Retro Mini Air Fryer was retailing at the usual price of $129 on BHG but is now only selling for $59, a whopping 54% discount.

If the attractive price isn't a good enough reason for you to make the purchase, the gorgeous pastel blue and pink colours the air fryer comes in may just be too hard to resist!

BHG Mayer air fryer in blue
Photo from BHG

It also comes in a classy retro design, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen.


This air fryer is made even easier to use with only one knob to adjust the timer and has an automatic power cut-off. The inner pots are food grade stainless steel too.

BHG Mayer air fryer in pink
Photo from BHG

This multi-functional air fryer can be used for cooking, reheating, keeping food warm and storing food.

Each Mayer 1.5L Retro Mini Air Fryer is retailing for $59 now on BHG Online. There is no specified end date for this promotion but get it while stocks last!

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