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EXO's Chanyeol Accused Of Cheating Over 10 Times In 3 Years By Woman Who Claims To Be His Ex-Girlfriend

EXO's Chanyeol Accused Of Cheating Over 10 Times In 3 Years By Woman Who Claims To Be His Ex-Girlfriend

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By Karmen on 29 Oct 2020
Digital Editor
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Experiencing a betrayal in a relationship can hit hard. After the initial shock, hurt and anger, a common response would be to expose the cheater to let the world know of their true colours.


An anonymous netizen who claims to be the ex-girlfriend of K-pop idol Chanyeol from EXO did just that, accusing him of cheating at least 10 times in the three years they dated.

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On October 28, she shared a letter in Korean claiming that Chanyeol had slept with other women while they were together.

korean letter by park chanyeol's ex-girlfriendPhoto from @pomppuppy via Twitter

To prove that she was telling the truth, she also shared a few photos of her and Chanyeol together with her identity hidden. In one photo, he seems to be giving her a kiss on the forehead. Another photo shows them with a cake decorated with hearts and "I LOVE YOU" words and him holding a bouquet of flowers.

In a rough translation, she stated "Except for me, everyone around you knew that you are a dirty person. Really, only your fans and I didn't know."

She claimed that he had one night stands with other women including female K-pop idols, YouTubers and dancers. "You were so busy living a dirty life... Did you enjoy it? You're very famous" she wrote.


exo's park chanyeol kissing ex-girlfriendPhoto from @pomppuppy via Twitter

Recalling a previous incident where someone flirted with her in front of Chanyeol, she mused "I was puzzled that you didn't say a word in that situation and only cursed him behind his back. I now realise it was because you weren't confident with your own actions."

"Two days after we broke up, you called and I told you about everything I heard, but you acted like you didn't know anything. I told you the names of the girls you slept with. You were silent for three seconds, then said 'So what?'" she wrote. Apparently, she recorded him saying that "because there are victims who want to hear what your excuses are."

She also described her efforts to hide their relationship from the public and even her close friends, "I trusted you when you told me you would die if your career in the music industry was affected by girl-problems. So I was busy trying to shield you."

exo's park chanyeol with ex-girlfriendPhoto from @pomppuppy via Twitter

Her letter ended with: "Please act like a good person. Besides this, I will not mention anything about this issue. I don't want this situation to get even uglier. Even when I hear your name, my heart drops. I want people to know how bad of a person you are. Do not contact me".

As SM Entertainment put out a statement that neither confirmed nor denied her statements, other netizens have done their own investigation to find out if what she's saying is true.

Netizens pointed out that the background in her photo matches the home in an Instagram photo posted by Yoora, Chanyeol's sister.