5 Cooking Appliances Under $50 To Make Korean & Japanese Street Food Snacks Right Here In Singapore

5 Cooking Appliances Under $50 To Make Korean & Japanese Street Food Snacks Right Here In Singapore

By Karmen on 18 Aug 2020
Digital Editor

If you're a travel foodie, Japanese and Korean street food is probably on your checklist. Since we can't travel at the moment, why not bring the street food to your home?

We've found five budget-friendly cooking appliances you can shop online on Shopee Singapore that will help you cook up delicious Japanese and Korean street food.

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Keep reading to check them out! 

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Automatic Potato Twister Tornado Slicer
Photo from heaven.sg via Shopee.sg

Tornado potatoes (hweori gamja, 회오리 감자) are made of deep fried whole potatoes that are spiral-cut on a long skewer. This automatic potato slicer will transform a potato into a tornado shape easily! Top the potato skewers with your favourite sauces like cheese or honey to complete the Korean street food experience.

Get it here -> Shopee.sg for $16.26.


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Electric Corn Dog Maker
Photo from magicstore.sg via Shopee.sg

Korean corn dogs (gamja hotdog, 감자핫도그) are a guilty pleasure that's totally worth the calories in our opinion. Although you can make it without any special appliance, this electric corn dog maker will make things much easier and less messy.

Get it here -> Shopee.sg for $38.50.


#3 Takoyaki Grill Pan ($28.50)

Takoyaki Grill Pan
Photo from allinone.sg via Shopee.sg

Takoyaki (鯛焼き) can be easily found ready-made in stores but it's fun to make them on your own! You can also customise whatever filling that you like when you make it from home using a takoyaki grill pan.

Get it here -> Shopee.sg for $28.50.

Taiyaki Fish-Shaped Cake Maker
Photo from chiwanji.sg via Shopee.sg

Much like takoyaki, a big appeal of making your own fish-shaped cakes with a taiyaki maker is that you can fill it with whatever you want! Common fillings are red bean paste, custard, chocolate, cheese and sweet potato but you can go crazy with anything you desire.

Get it here -> Shopee.sg for $20.90.

Yakitori BBQ Table Grill
Photo from wonderfulhouse.sg via Shopee.sg

Turn your home into a Japanese street food stall with this mini yakitori BBQ table grill that measures 24cm by 12.5cm! Don't be fooled by its small size, it's a charcoal grill so you'll get that wonderful smoky flavour without having to leave the house for an outdoor barbecue.

Get it here -> Shopee.sg for $43.28.

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