15 Must-Try Street Food Snacks When You're In Korea

15 Must-Try Street Food Snacks When You're In Korea

By Karmen on 15 May 2020
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Once it's safe to travel again and your holiday to Korea is in sight, we have a list of the best 15 street food that you have to look out for while you're there! 😋

Keep reading to check them out!

#1 Rice cakes (tteokbokki, 떡볶이)

You're probably no stranger to tteokbokki, a dish made out of stir-fried rice cake which is usually doused with a spicy gochujang-based sauce. It's easy to spot in street food stalls as they're usually in large bubbling pots and glowing red from the sauce! 

#2 Fish cake soup (eomuk tang, 오뎅)

woman eating Fish cake soup Eomuk tang in Korea
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Similar to Japanese oden, eomuk tang is fish cakes which are usually in skewers and served with soup made of anchovy stock.

#3 Doughnuts (chapssal doneocheu, 찹쌀도넛)

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Chapssal doughnuts are made of glutinous rice flour and is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside like mochi. It usually has a filling like red bean. 

There are also traditional donuts in Korea like the classic twisted doughnuts called kkwabaegi (꽈배기).

#4 Tornado potatoes (hweori gamja, 회오리 감자)

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Tornado potatoes are one of the most fun street foods to snack on! It's a deep fried whole potato spiral-cut on a long skewer, topped with powders or sauces like cheese and honey.

#5 Korean hotdogs (gamja hotdog, 감자핫도그)

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Hotdogs in Korea's street food markets are covered in fries and then deep fried and topped with ketchup, cheese or sugar. Are you salivating yet?

#6 Korean toast (gilgeori toast, 길거리 토스트)

This hearty and filling meal has a Korean twist with sauces like gochujang and fillings like kimchi with beef and cabbage.

#7 Spicy stir-fried chicken (dakgalbi, 닭갈비)

Dakgalbi is made of chicken marinated in chilli pepper paste and stir-fried with cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions and rice cake on a hot plate.

#8 Dumplings (mandu, 만두)


asian girl eating takeaway mandu street food in Korea
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These crispy and juicy dumplings are packed with delicious meat and vegetables!

#9 Kimchi pork buns (kimchi ppang, 김치빵)

These steamed pork buns have a tangy, sour kick of kimchi!

#10 Egg bread (gyeran bbang, 계란빵)

Steamed buns with an egg, simple and delicious!

#11 Soft serve ice cream

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If you're going to Korea in the summer, soft serve ice cream will cool you down! Their ice cream is usually made with Korean milk which gives it a smooth and milky texture.

#12 Fried chicken and beer (chi-maek, 치맥)

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Comfort food at its best, feast on this classic combination of delicious juicy and tender fried chicken with Korean beer!

#13 Seaweed rice rolls (kimbap, 김밥)

These rice rolls look quite similar to Japanese sushi but instead of raw fish, kimbap is filled with ham, pickled veggies, egg and topped with toasted sesame seed.

#14 Live octopus (sannakji, 산낙지) 

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While this isn't in the streets per se, you'll find many restaurants serving live octopus right next to street food markets. Are you up for eating a dish that's still squirming around while in your mouth? 

#15 Banana milk (banana uyu, 바나나 우유)

Last but not least is a drink to wash down all that oil. It's the perfect combination of sweet banana and refreshing milk! 

In the meantime, why not make some Korean dishes at home? Check out some Korean cafe drinks to make at home or watch Korean cooking and baking YouTube channels for more ideas!

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