9 Easy Ways To Reduce Bloating When On Your Period For Less Discomfort & A Flatter Tummy

9 Easy Ways To Reduce Bloating When On Your Period For Less Discomfort & A Flatter Tummy

ByWei Yin on 29 Jul 2020 Digital Editor

That time of the month is undoubtedly torturous especially when you have to deal with a myriad of other problems such as cramps, back aches and more.

One thing many ladies experience other than cramps when they are on their period is bloating in the abdomen. This is caused by changes in the hormone levels which make the body retain more water and salt, and in turn causes bloating.

But fret not because there are ways to reduce bloating when on your period so that you can continue wearing your favourite jeans without feeling like the button is going to pop anytime soon.

Read on to find out more!

#1 Reduce your sodium intake

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When there is too much salt in your diet, the excess sodium makes your body retain fluids which causes water retention. Although it's hard to go on a healthy diet while on your period because your cravings are intensified, try to cut down on your sodium intake by having at least one healthy meal out of your three meals per day.

Take more veggies and fruits as avoiding salty food can decrease water retention and make you feel less bloated.

#2 Exercise and sweat it out 

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We know exercising while on your period is probably the last thing you want to do but if you find it difficult to cut down on your sodium intake, working out is your next best bet at reducing bloating.

Sodium leaves your body via sweat when you exercise and can help in making you feel less bloated. If you usually don't have the energy to do vigorous exercises, try these simple exercises you can do while laying on the bed which will help you sweat it out too.

#3 Eat food rich in potassium 

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Potassium decreases sodium levels and increases urine production which will make you pass more water out than retain them in your body.

Munch on food rich in potassium such as bananas, tomatoes, asparagus and salmon. These are yummy food that you will most probably enjoy so why not, right?

#4 Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake

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Reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake, or totally cut them away when on your period if you can. Too much coffee and alcohol can irritate your stomach, cause swelling and overexcite your digestive tract. All these will make you feel bloated which is not what you want!

Instead, drink more water to remain hydrated and to make your skin glow, especially when our skin tends to get more irritated while on our period. Place a few lemon slices into your water for a refreshing taste.


#5 Sleep more

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Yes, sleeping more might help! Sleeping gives your body and especially your gastrointestinal tract time to rest and reset so that bloating can subside. Sleeping lets excess fluid move back into your body and be eliminated. You will feel more refreshed and your tummy less bloated after a good night's sleep.

Do these simple and relaxing stretching exercises before bed to have a better quality sleep.

#6 Don't overeat 

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Eating too much at a time will make you feel uncomfortable afterwards and put increased pressure in your abdomen. Stuffing yourself with food will make you feel bloated so try increasing the number of times you eat but limit yourself to small portions each time.

#7 Avoid fizzy drinks

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Fizzy drinks contain bubbles with carbon dioxide and can cause gas to trap in your belly, making you feel bloated. This is also why you probably burp a few times after drinking something carbonated.

Avoid fizzy drinks especially when on your period to prevent feeling even more bloated.

#8 Apply peppermint oil 

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Peppermint oil can reduce cramping, pain and other Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms such as bloating. Apply to your belly whenever you feel bloated and it will help you feel better in no time. Plus, it smells really good and will help you feel more relaxed!

#9 Walk more

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If you hate to exercise while on your period, another simple way to reduce bloating is by walking more. Go on a walk after a meal to get your bowels moving more regularly which will help to reduce gas and stool in return. This might help the ladies who experience constipation when on their period too!

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