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Now At Just $1: Magnum’s Pretty Pink Ruby Ice Cream, Chocolate Cookie Crumble & More

Now At Just $1: Magnum’s Pretty Pink Ruby Ice Cream, Chocolate Cookie Crumble & More

Lifestyle Food
By Rachel Yohannan on 28 Jul 2020
Senior Digital Editor

Cold desserts like ice cream are always welcome in a country like Singapore that’s pretty much warm all year round. If you’ve been craving some icy goodness, you’ll want to grab some Magnum ice cream - specially from Shell stations - as it’s going for just $1 there from now till 31 August 2020!


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Read on to find out more about Magnum’s $1 ice cream in Singapore!

Magnum $1 ice cream Singapore pink rubyPhoto from Magnum

Magnum is known for their ready-to-eat chocolate-coated ice creams which we normally buy from supermarkets and convenience stores. This coating now includes ruby chocolate, the fourth type of chocolate which was only discovered two years ago.

Magnum $1 ice cream Singapore pink rubyPhoto from @laura.lbr via Instagram

Ruby chocolate has a natural pink colouring that’s super pleasing to the eye, along with a smooth berry-like taste. Luckily for us pink-loving ladies, Magnum’s Ruby ice cream is part of this $1 promotion!

Magnum $1 ice cream Singapore chocolate cookie crumblePhoto from @junkfoodguru via Instagram


The $1 promo also includes other Magnum flavours like Chocolate Cookie Crumble, which is basically cookies and cream.

Magnum $1 ice cream Singapore intense darkPhoto from @foodreviews2 via Instagram

If you don’t like your ice cream too sweet, go for the Magnum Intense Dark instead.

Magnum $1 ice cream Singapore almondPhoto from @peafowl96 via Instagram

There’s also Magnum Almond, a classic favourite that’s topped with a sprinkling of chopped nuts.

This $1 deal applies to Magnum ice cream at Shell petrol station outlets. Simply download the free UPGREAT Singapore app (iPhone, Android) to claim from now till end August 2020. Other discounts for drinks and hand sanitiser are also available.

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