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7 Quick 5-Minute Ab Workouts For A Flat Tummy In 1 Week, Even If You Have "No Time"

7 Quick 5-Minute Ab Workouts For A Flat Tummy In 1 Week, Even If You Have "No Time"

Lifestyle Fitness
By Rachel Yohannan on 22 Jan 2023
Senior Digital Editor

What’s worth it is never easy, and that saying can’t be any truer when it comes to staying fit. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t want a flat tummy, but c’mon, some of us busy career women just don’t have the time.


...Or do we? With these quick 5-minute ab workouts, you have no excuse not to achieve your dream toned tummy - that’s literally the same amount of time it takes to scroll through Instagram or eat ice cream. Pick one of these to do daily , or rotate between all 7 , and you’ll get a flatter tummy in as little as 1 week.

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#1: Ab exercises you can do in bed - Joanna Soh

Sometimes our beds have this strange magnetic force that makes them impossible to get out of, but Joanna Soh’s 5-minute bed exercise for abs leaves you little excuse to not work those muscles. It’s a great way to get yourself fully awake and ready for the day.

#2: For fat loss in just 7 days - Lilly Sabri


Keep going with this challenge by Lilly Sabri and you’ll see results in just 7 days. The fast-paced music gets switched up every minute or so, so it never gets boring, and there’s a countdown timer for you to keep track of your progress.

Need extra motivation? Her toy poodle will “accompany” you throughout the session, and she even carries it while killin’ her moves at some point!

#3: Fun with an exercise ball - Pamela Reif

If repeated crunches and leg lifts on the floor are starting to get monotonous, make things more dynamic with an exercise ball - a la this fun 5-minute workout by Pamela Reif. Apart from keeping your tummy in shape, it also helps to firm up your booty so you get to tackle 2 areas at once.

#4: Intense session for six packs - Holly Dolke

This is one intense workout, but it’s promised to give you six packs - if you stick to it, that is. Don’t feel too daunted, as you’ll get quick pockets of rest in between. Holly Dolke will also make sure you’re making the most of your session as she dishes out technique tips throughout.


#5: Standing ab workout - POPSUGAR Fitness

Those who don’t enjoy getting down and dirty on the floor can try this standing-only workout by POPSUGAR Fitness. It includes barre-inspired moves that hit your obliques as well as the full range of your abdominal muscles.

As usual, their signature peppy energy is channelled as they guide you along, making the 5 minutes feel more bearable.

#6: Get rid of lower belly fat - Koboko Fitness

If you have a bit of a paunch, Koboko Fitness is here to save you with her 5-minute lower ab exercise that’s said to help “tone your belly pooch quick”. She’s highly encouraging and cheers you on frequently along the way without being overly enthusiastic. Coupled with the chill music, this makes for a relaxing, pressure-free session.

#7: For every section of your abdominal muscles - Bailey Brown

Bailey Brown’s ab burn workout makes sure no part of your core is left out. It starts with plenty of twists for a trimmer waist, and later covers all sections of your tummy from the top, to the middle, and the lower abdomen.

Filmed on a spotless white beach with a ridiculously blue sky, this video will make you feel like you’re on a fitness retreat. Well, almost.

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