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There's An Upcoming My Melody & Kuromi Run In Singapore With Free Merch Like Tees, Plushie, Bag & More

There's An Upcoming My Melody & Kuromi Run In Singapore With Free Merch Like Tees, Plushie, Bag & More

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By Rachel Yohannan on 21 Mar 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Another new year, another round of new year’s resolutions…we know all too well how it usually goes. Getting fit is usually one of the top things on everyone’s lists, so this My Melody and Kuromi run in Singapore comes right at the perfect timing. With free Sanrio merchandise like tees, a plushie, a bag and more included in your race pack, we bet you’ll be clamouring to sign up even if you’re not a fan of running.


The My Melody and Kuromi run in Singapore is part of a larger three-part event: The My Melody & Kuromi Spring Party. You are free to pick and choose any one (or more) of the portions to sign up for, so no worries if you can’t commit to all three. Here’s a rundown of each of them.

Update as of 22 March 2023: Part 1 has already been concluded, but Part 2 and Part 3, which were previously slated for March, will now be ongoing in April and May 2023.

Part 1: Welcoming Haru - virtual AR-based missions

My Melody & Kuromi run ang baoPhoto from 42Race

Kicking things off is Welcoming Haru, which is starting real soon this December 2022. In this free-to-join mini event, you’ll be completing AR filter-based missions on Instagram, where you’ll stand a chance to win limited edition My Melody & Kuromi Spring Party Ang Bao. Do remember to select your preferred design (My Melody or Kuromi) when signing up.

Date: 27 December 2022 to 8 January 2023

Part 2: Spring Party - on-site fun run/walk with 30 mini games


My Melody & Kuromi run goodie bag SingaporePhoto from 42Race

Now here’s where you gotta get up and moving - but don’t worry, Spring Party isn’t one of those strenuous marathons. Instead, it’s a fun and manageable 3.5km route along the scenic Punggol area, with over 30 mini games scattered throughout.

My Melody & Kuromi run goodie bag plushies SingaporePhoto from 42Race

We’ll make a wild guess and say that most of you who are keen on this fun run/walk are here mainly because of the race pack. Participants can look forward to receiving the following items:

  • Event t-shirt
  • Drawstring
  • 2D plushie charm

My Melody & Kuromi run medal SingaporePhoto from 42Race

Of course, a finisher’s medal will also be awarded to you upon successful completion of the run. Look how cute and colourful it is! Apart from having sakura and butterfly motifs, the heart spinner in the middle is adorned with My Melody on one side and Kuromi on the other, so you can switch things up based on which character you relate more to.

My Melody & Kuromi run drawstring bag SingaporePhoto from 42Race

Date: 15 April 2023
Time: 8am onwards
Location: Waterway Point
Price: Entry only: From $28.80 | Entry with event pack: From $48.80

Part 3: Spring Sprint - virtual run or walk at your own pace

My Melody & Kuromi run medal SingaporePhoto from 42race

The last portion, Spring Spirit, is a virtual run or walk that you can attempt in your own time and pace - a great alternative for those who can’t make it for the in-person race. All you need to do is to link yourself up to a fitness tracker and submit proof of your race in order to receive a free exclusive medal.

Oh, you’ll also have to pick which side you’re on - team My Melody or team Kuromi - as your medal design will correspond to the chosen character. Love both cuties equally? Additional medals can be purchased for just $6.

Date: 16 April to 7 May 2023
Time: Free and easy
Location: Anywhere of your choosing
Price: From $14.80
Find out more and register here.

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