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What Your Go-To Couple Hug Says About You & Your Partner

What Your Go-To Couple Hug Says About You & Your Partner

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By Karmen on 05 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

A hug can be worth a thousand words, especially if you and/or your significant other's love language is physical touch!


You and your loved one probably hug each other in many different ways and each hug could subconsciously express your inner feelings.

Keep reading to find out the possible meanings of the seven most common hugs between couples!

#1 Squeeze hug

asian couple huggingPhoto from Pinterest

This is when you hug each other so tightly that you feel like you're being squeezed or squeezing your partner! This means that you and your partner dread being apart from each other and will miss each other badly even after being separated for a short period of time.

#2 Bear hug

asian couple Hugging from the backPhoto from Pinterest


asian couple Hugging from the backPhoto from Pinterest

This a cute hug where the one at the back spooning his or her partner has a protective nature and is ready to be their pillar of strength through hard times.

#3 Side hug

asian couple side hugPhoto from Pinterest

asian couple side hugPhoto from Pinterest

You're in a good mood and feel relaxed and calm around each other. You have a dynamic much like best friends and can have fun together in any situation!

#4 A long hug 

asian couple hugging with head on chestPhoto from Pinterest


A long loving hug might signify that you want your partner's approval, support or comfort. It might be a hug you have on bad days or when you need help. The partner providing support and hugging back is ready to provide that support and stand by you through thick and thin.

#5 Face-to-face hug

asian couple Face-to-face hugPhoto from Pinterest

This is a deeply intimate hug where the two lovers are facing each other and making eye contact while hugging. If this is your go-to hug, you're probably passionately in love and there is a deep connection between you and your partner.

#6 Straddle hug

asian couple Straddle hugPhoto from Pinterest

This is usually when the lady in the relationship is straddled on and carried by their partner. This signifies a deep physical connection between the two of you and it also shows that the lady or person being carried fully trusts his or her partner.

#7 Hug with head on shoulder

asian couple Hug with head on shoulderPhoto from Pinterest

If you and your significant other hug with your heads leaned against each other, it means that you're comfortable together and have a desire to take care of each other.

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