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Best Valentine's Day Gifts According To Your Partner's Love Language

Best Valentine's Day Gifts According To Your Partner's Love Language

By Karmen on 07 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

It's said that there are five love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. This can apply to anyone from your parents, siblings, friends and significant other.


Understanding your loved one's love language and letting them know yours can really improve how you both communicate your love, and find out what gifts they will truly love! ?

Keep reading to find out the best gifts to give your Valentine according to their love language!

#1 Words of affirmation

asian couple looking at each otherPhoto from Pinterest

If your partner wants to hear your praise, appreciation or affection for him or her, words of affirmation is the love language you should be speaking in return.

Naturally, the most suitable gift is one that shows your love through words! ? A handwritten love poem is something that he or she will appreciate. If your skills aren't up to standard, a sincere letter about how much you appreciate and love your partner is also a sweet gift that will melt hearts. Another romantic gesture is to make a Spotify playlist of songs that reflect your feelings about him or her.

#2 Acts of service


asian couple looking at each otherPhoto from Pinterest

It's known that most Asian parents don't say "I love you" but show their love through acts of service instead. Your Valentine might just fall in the same boat! If so, show your love through his or her language! ?

There are simple but meaningful gifts that they will love. Think about what they dislike doing or makes them tire easily like chores or cooking and plan your 'act of service' gift around that! Cook their favourite meal, make their favourite beverage, offer to do all the chores for the day or give them a massage.

Bodum Caffettiera Coffee Maker Photo from Bodum

Does your Valentine struggle to function without a morning cup of coffee? Start her day on a romantic note by making her breakfast in bed with a cup of coffee! ☕️ The Bodum Caffettiera Coffee Maker (on sale for $25.80 from 14 Feb on Shopee, U.P. $59.80) makes coffee preparation quick and fuss-free. It's compact enough to fit even in small kitchens and comes in four aesthetically-pleasing colours.

#3 Receiving gifts

couples wearing Superga 2750 ClassicPhoto from Superga

The gift doesn't need to be expensive or extravagant, but it's the thought behind the gift that will communicate your love to your partner.


If wearing matching outfits with your partner is out of your comfort zone, matching shoes are a more subtle way of being romantic! ? Gift your loved one a matching pair of shoes for the both of you like the Superga 2750 Classic ($69.90). This universally-flattering design will go well with any outfit of yours and your Valentine.

FarEastFlora Two Become One VC29 Preserved FlowersPhoto from FarEastFlora

Flowers are an obvious choice for a gift, but for something a little different, give your Valentine preserved flowers!? They last about one or two years and even longer if it's well-maintained. The FarEastFlora Two Become One VC29 Preserved Flowers (on sale for $155 from 14 Feb on Shopee, U.P. $213.89) come in a cute heart-shaped box that also includes chocolate!

#4 Quality time

asian couple looking at each otherPhoto from Pinterest

If your Valentine's love language is quality time, giving him or her your undivided attention is the best gift you can give.

Violet Oon SingaporePhoto from Violet Oon Singapore

Violet Oon SingaporePhoto from Violet Oon Singapore


Your gift can be as simple as a treat to a romantic dinner together where you put your phone away, look into his or her eyes and be fully-immersed in your time together. Pick a restaurant with a romantic and luxurious interior like Violet Oon Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport. Classy green walls, intricate gold-trimmed woodwork and traditional lamps make for a romantic atmosphere to enjoy quality time. The restaurant serves authentic Singapore cuisine! ?

15 Stamford by Alvin Leung at The Capitol Kempinski HotelPhoto from The Capitol Kempinski Hotel

For something more extravagant, pamper your loved one with a five-course set dinner ($168++ per person) at 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel on 14 February. After that, end the night with a nightcap cocktail a few steps away at The Bar at 15 Stamford while being serenaded by a live guitarist!

 Bosch MUM4807GB Photo from Bosch

Another romantic date to plan is baking your partner's favourite cake or pastry. For beginner bakers, the Bosch MUM4807GB ($269) is perfect as it is simple to use and easy to clean. ✨

#5 Physical touch

asian couple kissing with a flowerPhoto from Pinterest

Besides sexual intimacy, the love language of physical touch also includes everything from putting a hand on your partner's back as you walk by, stroking his or her hair, holding hands, hugging and cuddling. ?‍❤️‍?‍? ?‍❤️‍?‍?

Timberland Treadlight 6" Waterproof BootPhoto from Timberland

The best gift for him or her is to plan a date where there's plenty of opportunities for you to be physically close to each other such as holding hands while watching a movie, taking a self defence class together or hiking while linking arms! For stylish footwear that will survive a date in the outdoors, look to the Timberland Treadlight 6" Waterproof Boot for him ($299) and her ($309). It's made from premium leather with an anti-fatigue footbed and sealed with TimberDryTM waterproof membrane.

LG SL10YG sound bar paired with the LG OLED TV C9Photo from LG

For gifts that last all-year-round, invest in a quality TV and sound system so you can cuddle with your Valentine in the comforts of home while having a movie marathon date! Try the LG SL10YG sound bar ($1799) paired with the LG OLED TV C9 ($3,576) that features 4K Cinema HDR, which brings an experience like what you would get in a cinema. ❤️

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