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5 Stages Of Relationships That You Should Know About

5 Stages Of Relationships That You Should Know About

By Viroon on 30 Apr 2020
Senior Creative Editor

Do you ever wonder why some relationships fall apart while others last? Why did your friend and her partner seem so in love last year, but now they are like strangers? We all want real, long lasting love no matter at what age in life. Movies and K-dramas make the entire experience look so easy, but it's a lot more complicated. Most people don't know that love will eventually move through different stages. In a relationship? What stage are you and your partner in?


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#Stage 1: Attraction, Infatuation

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The first stage of love often called the "honeymoon phase," is what most people envision when they think of falling in love. Your heart skips a beat when you see them; you have butterflies in your stomach, and they consume your thoughts. More than love, this is infatuation. You experience intense, passionate feelings for the other person.

#Stage 2: Getting To Know Each Other

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This is where you become a real couple and start to build a life together. The feelings of excitement and infatuation develop into something deeper. This is when the mask comes off and you’re figuring out the other person’s true self and whether or not you can work as a couple. Things settle down, and a deep bond begins to form. Ideally, you'll start to feel secure and comfortable in the relationship.


#Stage 3: Disillusionment, Uncertainty

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This is the stage where you start to feel disappointed by your relationship. You start to worry that you got it wrong and chose the wrong person. You feel underappreciated and unloved. This is also called the ‘irritational stage’ because all irritations and frustrations peak at this stage. We may begin to become annoyed more frequently by the little things. If you can’t resolve your differences effectively at this stage, you may find yourself returning to it frequently in your relationship. Relationships mostly break during this phase.

Communication! The biggest key to success is open communication. Challenges bring couples who manage them correctly closer together because it teaches the two of you that you can get through the tough times together and trust each other through communication.

#Stage 4: Stability

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At this stage, you know your partner's flaws, imperfections, and failures, but you choose to love them anyway, and they do the same for you. At this point, you've experienced both sides-forgiving your partner and asking for forgiveness. During Stage #4, you're working as a team like never before. Instead of only focusing on yourself and the love you want to feel, you focus on the other person. You want to help them reach their goals, and you find that you are a better person because you are together.

#Stage 5: Commitment

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At this stage, couples have a strong understanding of each other’s values and goals for the future. They’ve decided they’re in it for the long haul and in a relationship with each other’s family and friends, too. Of course, you may return to previous stages, but if you’ve reached commitment, you’ve made each other a priority. Cherish your partner as not everyone is lucky enough to have one.

It’s important to be able to identify what stage you and your partner are in so that you can make healthy decisions on how to strengthen your relationship.
Stop comparing your partner with others; instead, cultivate the habit of appreciating your partner daily and give them space for improvement.

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