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8 Steps To Get A Hanok Inspired HDB Home In Singapore

8 Steps To Get A Hanok Inspired HDB Home In Singapore

By Amelia on 11 May 2020
Creative Editor

If you have been binge-watching historical K-dramas and have taken a liking towards their cosy and comfortable small apartment, why not spruce up your own HDB / BTO flat to make it into a Hanok inspired home with these simple steps?


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#1 Wooden floorings 

Hanok House Photo from Pinterest

If you noticed, Hanok inspired houses are built using strong woods, and you can definitely adapt these wooden materials in your house. Go for lighter shades to keep that sense of spaciousness in your small HDB / BTO flat.

#2 Have a small dining table and cushion seats  

Hanok HousePhoto from Pinterest

Unlike Singaporeans, Koreans have the custom of sitting on a cushioned seat to dine instead of a chair at home. Incorporate this element into your home by adding cushioned seats to your dining area.


#3 Replace your bed with large thick blankets instead

Korean Housing Photo from Pinterest

One key feature of living in a Hanok house is that there are no beds and you sleep on the floor. Embrace the full Hanok house experience by placing a thick blanket to lie on and another thick cushion to snuggle under. You're truly living the Hanok experience in Singapore!

#4 Plain white walls

Hanok House Photo from Pinterest

Set the canvas for your Hanok inspired house with plain white walls to give your home a clean minimalistic look!

#5 Hang traditional paintings

Hanok House Photo from Pinterest


One key element that will elevate your entire HDB / BTO flat in a Hanok inspired house is to hang some decorative traditional paintings on your wall. If not, you can add a master painting (like the one above) if you want a cleaner look.

#6 Place traditional Korean handmade lamps 

Hanok LampPhoto from Pinterest

Most Hanok houses don't have our usual HDB lamps and lighting, instead, the house is fully lit by traditional Korean traditional lamps. You can get these lamps at almost any furniture store or even Amazon or Taobao.

#7 Change your usual door to a Hanok door instead

Hanok DoorPhoto from Pinterest

Instead of having our usual HDB doors, change your door into a Hanok door instead. Your guest will feel like they are truly in a Hanok house even at the doorstep! Remember the key details matter!

#8 Knock down the walls and have an adjoining room door instead

Hanok Room Photo from Pinterest

Hanok rooms tend to be really small and hence giving the cosy vibes. However, if you would like to make the room somehow bigger and if you would need to share your room with your siblings, knock down the wall and use the adjoining room door instead. This will instantly make your room look bigger.

While you're here, follow these Instagram accounts to get inspired to spruce your own Korean interior design housing and even turn your house into a Korean designed cafe.

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