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7 Easy Steps To Get An Insta-Worthy Korean Cafe Dining Setup At Home

7 Easy Steps To Get An Insta-Worthy Korean Cafe Dining Setup At Home

By Karmen on 17 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

When was the last time you went to an Insta-worthy cafe? Relive those sweet memories right at home when you transform your dining area to look like a Korean cafe. ✨


We have seven easy and affordable steps you can take to achieve that Korean cafe look in your home. It won't take up much space and will work even for small HDB flats in Singapore!

Keep reading to check them out!

#1 A small round, white table

round white table with iced coffee and cakesPhoto from Pinterest

Start a clean and minimalist slate with a small round table in white. This has a more cosy aesthetic than square or rectangle tables. The white colour also lets your dinnerware and food stand out!

#2 Wooden chairs

white table, wooden chairs and a cabinetPhoto from Pinterest


wooden table and chairs with hanging houseplantsPhoto from Pinterest

Wood colours add warmth to the stark white colour of the table. Pick a chair with a simple design for a more minimalist Korean cafe look.

#3 Wooden trays

minimalist wooden dray with two drinks in a korean cafePhoto from Pinterest

minimalist wooden dray with two pink and green drinks in a korean cafePhoto from Pinterest

Trays might seem unnecessary, but they add a cute cafe vibe to your home! They also have a practical use as it's easier to carry items from the kitchen to the dining area.

#4 Matching dinnerware

white round cafe table with pink dinnerware and strawberry toast and drinksPhoto from Pinterest


round cafe table with brown dinnerware and toastPhoto from Pinterest

Mismatched dinnerware can be a cute look but if you want to achieve the clean and stylish look in Korean minimalist cafes, go for matching dinnerware instead! Pick dinnerware in the same or similar colours in different tones. Mix it with white, glass and wooden dinnerware to avoid an overload of colour.

#5 A collection of small round plates

minimalist korean cafe table with ice coffee, biscuits and a vase of flowersPhoto from Pinterest

Instead of large plates which may look too grand and overwhelm the small table, go for multiple small plates. This will give your home a cute and cosy look like in Korean cafes!

#6 Stylish cups & glasses

korean cafe table with strawberry cake, cupcake and drinksPhoto from Pinterest

korean cafe table with coffee, a pink drink, cake and pink and purple cutleryPhoto from Pinterest

Hot drinks look best in round mugs with saucers and cold drinks can be shown off in simple glasses. The key is to pick simple, rounded designs that look like they would belong in a cottage in the woods.

#7 A small vase of flowers or plants 

iced coffee with a strawberry on top and a vase of flowers on a tablePhoto from Pinterest

korean cafe with round wooden table, pancakes, coffee and small vase of flowers Photo from Pinterest

Add the finishing touch to your Korean cafe-style dining area at home with simple decorations! Like the plates, choose a small vase to display a few stalks of flowers or leafy plant sticks.

Once your Insta-worthy home cafe is created, it's time to enjoy some equally visually appealing food and drinks in it! Check out some easy recipes for Korean cafe-style drinks and cute toasts.

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Text by: GirlStyle SG