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The Best Film Camera Apps Everyone Must Download

The Best Film Camera Apps Everyone Must Download

By Wei Yin on 28 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

Film cameras and film photos are coming back in trend and we are not complaining!


The graininess and light leaks make it look so much more appealing, as if there's a story to be told behind every photo. But, investing in a film camera and film refills can be hard on those with a tight budget. Instead of purchasing an actual film camera, why not download a film camera app on your phone?

Here are some of the best film camera apps (in no particular order) to download.

Read on to find out more!

#1 HUJI Cam (free)

Huji Cam appPhoto from HUJI Cam

HUJI Cam sample photo 2 in landscape modePhoto from HUJI Cam

HUJI Cam sample photo 1Photo from HUJI Cam


HUJI Cam settings pagePhoto from HUJI Cam

HUJI Cam makes your moments as precious as the feelings of analog film with old memories. Give your photos a vintage vibe with random light leaks so every single photo will never look the same! You can adjust the date format or use the default setting.

Simply use the app on your phone to snap a photo and it will appear on your screen like a film photo. Easy peasy!

Download here: iOS | Google Play

#2 FIMO (free with optional in-app purchases)

FIMO app front pagePhoto from FIMO

FIMO app different films availablePhoto from FIMO

FIMO app film usedPhoto from FIMO


FIMO captures the beauty and magic of old school vintage images right through your viewfinder. Dust, scratches, retro colours, flickering, light leaks and even frame shakes can all be instantly added with a single tap, you won't need a real film camera!

It has a pleasant and user-friendly interface, plus you also get to choose the film you want to use to achieve different effects.

Download here: iOS | Google Play

#3 Gudak Cam ($1.48)

Gudak Cam app on the phonePhoto from Gudak Cam

Gudak Cam app interfacePhoto from Gudak Cam

Gudak Cam app available filmsPhoto from Gudak Cam

Gudak Cam works just like any other film camera app but something unique is that you will get to experience what it's really like shooting with a film camera, rather than a phone.


You can take a maximum 24 shots per film and when you use up the film, it will be refilled after one hour. To see the photos you have taken, you will have to wait for three days. For those who are patient, this is a fun app to download because it simulates what it's really like taking photos using a film camera, from the refilling to waiting for the photos to be developed.

Download here: iOS | Google Play

#4 VHS Cam (free with optional in-app purchases)

VHS Cam video examplePhoto from VHS Cam

VHS Cam close up video examplePhoto from VHS Cam

We've got one for those who prefer filming videos! With VHS Cam, you will be able to make videos that look and sound like real retro video tapes pulled out of storage after 30 years. The camera glitch effect and time stamp just brings back so many memories.

Make it look like the '80s once again with this app used by many celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, BTS, Snoop Dogg, Victoria Beckham, Wiz Khalifa and more!

Download here: iOS | Google Play

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