Traditional Christmas Food Ranked From Best To Worst

Traditional Christmas Food Ranked From Best To Worst

ByKarmen on 06 Dec 2019 Digital Editor

One of the best things about Christmas celebrations is gathering with our loved ones to feast on a wide variety of delicious food!

That being said, there are some traditional Christmas dishes that everyone secretly dislikes but still ends up on the dinner table every year.

Keep reading to find out our list of best to worst Christmas foods!

#1 Roast beef

Roast beef
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This delicious dish is iconic for a reason. Nothing gets you mentally ready to eat way past your stomach capacity than a giant plate of juicy roast beef!

#2 Hand-carved ham

Hand-carved ham
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Ham is already delicious, but what makes it even better and more festive is getting a full ham and hand-carving it at the dinner table!

#3 Fudge

Christmas fudge
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Rich and decadent, Christmas fudge is totally worth the calories in our opinion.

#4 Christmas cookies

Christmas Cookies
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This needs no explanation. It's cookies in festive shapes, what's not to love?

#5 Gingerbread men

Gingerbread men
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The sweet and spicy flavour of gingerbread men cookies gives a warm and comforting twist to regular cookies. Plus, it's fun to make your own cookies and decorate them!

#6 Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes
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When drenched in copious amounts of butter and cream, mashed potatoes are absolutely divine!

#7 Mince pies

Mince pies
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The dried fruit and spices are balanced out by a crispy crust

#8 Cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce
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Once you've found the specific brand or your own recipe of cranberry sauce that you like, it's actually quite a lovely festive condiment!


#9 Assorted chocolates

Assorted chocolates
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This one's a little subjective. Some people like surprises and some don't.

If you're the latter and happen to be a picky eater and a chocolate-lover at the same time, being faced with a box of assorted, unidentifiable chocolates can cause pretty high-stakes tension.

#10 Turkey

christmas Turkey
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While it looks very grand on the dining table, have you noticed that most people don't eat turkey at any other time of the year? 🧐

Chicken, beef or basically any other meat would be more tender, flavourful and moist than turkey!

#11 Brussels sprouts

Brussel sprouts
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It's important to have your greens especially during a dinner when there's so much heavy food, but brussels sprouts are the least appealing type of vegetable.

#12 Fruit cake

Fruit cake
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Although the presentation is colourful and appetising, fruit cakes are usually far too sweet for most palates.

#13 Candy canes

Candy canes
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This is another one that's great to look at but so underwhelming in taste.

#14 Mulled wine

Mulled wine
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Although expectations are set high by its cosy-sounding name and inviting aroma, the taste completely fails to live up to it.

The mix of spice flavours oppose rather than complement each other to create a bizarre-tasting beverage that disappoints.

#15 Eggnog

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Made of eggs, heavy cream, milk, sugar, and nutmeg, eggnog is simply too rich and creamy to take more than just a few sips.

Do you agree with the ranking of these traditional Christmas foods?

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