Go Retro With These 1980s-Inspired Photoshoot Ideas

Go Retro With These 1980s-Inspired Photoshoot Ideas

By Amanda on 18 Jul 2019
Digital Editor

With the comeback of Stranger Things season three and all things retro, the 1980s vintage fashion are all the vogue now. If you are trying to spruce up your insta feed but not sure what can you do, this is the article to look at. Take your IG game up a notch by doing a 1980s-inspired photoshoot with fashion, background and filter all down.

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The 80s gave rise to many timeless fashion pieces that we are pretty sure that you will have in your wardrobe. Here are some fashion aesthetics reminiscent of the era that you should incorporate in your photos!

  • Ringer Tees

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  • High Waist Shorts & Jeans
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  • Colourful Buttoned Shirts

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  • Coloured Prints

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Think retro. You don't want to have any modern appliances in your backdrop, don't you? Here are some background ideas that you can consider for your photoshoots!

  • American Diner


  • Bookshop


  • Supermarket (Especially those with the fancy neon lights)


  • Vinyl Records Store



If you're unable to find a suitable background, simply use these VSCO filters to create the whole 80s vibes. Here are some filters that you can use!

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Photos: Pinterest, Netflix

Text by: GirlStyle SG

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