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10 Kawaii Press-On Nails Under $10

10 Kawaii Press-On Nails Under $10

Beauty Nails
By Karmen on 07 Apr 2024
Digital Editor

On a bad hair day, bad skin day, and just bleugh day in general, nice nails alone has the power to make one feel put together.And while it might cost a pretty penny to get your nails done professionally, you can go the DIY route with minimal effort and skill thanks to press-on nails.


Here are 10 adorable press-on nails to give you a tiny but mighty boost of confidence:

#1 Strawberry Press-On Nails

3D Strawberry press-on nailsPhoto from Shopee

Glossy pink nails and juicy-looking 3D strawberries, need we say more?

Get it at for $7.99.

#2 Kuromi-inspired Press-On Nails

Kuromi-inspired press-on nailsPhoto from Shopee


Kawaii meets goth in these monochrome deco nails!

Get it at for $6.99.

#3 Cottagecore Press-On Nails

Green floral press-on nailsPhoto from Shopee

Slip on an airy dress and a pair of Mary Janes, and these nails will be the final touch you need for a dreamy cottagecore look.

Get it at for $7.78.

#4 Tulips Press-On Nails

Tulip press-on nailsPhoto from Shopee


If you like some fairytale-worthy whimsy on your fingertips, these press-ons will do the trick.

Get it at for $7.05.

#5 Bunny Press-On Nails

Bunny press-on nailsPhoto from Taobao

Like something that's cute yet sophisticated? These nude press-on nails with delicate bunny and fruit motifs are your match.

Get it at for $7.34.

#6 'Jelly' Press-On Nails

Korean-style jelly press-on nailsPhoto from Shopee


This Korean-style 'jelly' nail trend was first popularised in 2021 but it's a timeless aesthetic in our book.

Get it at for $7.05.

#7 Food-Inspired Press-On Nails

Korean-style jelly press-on nailsPhoto from Taobao

Here's another one with the same 3D jelly-like look but with cute food designs instead.

Get it at for $7.16.

#8 Puppy Press-On Nails

Puppy press-on nailsPhoto from Taobao


You can't go wrong with a muted colour palette, plaids and puppies!

Get it at for $3.91.

#9 Bear Press-On Nails

3D Bear press-on nailsPhoto from Shopee

These nails look pretty minimalist at first glance but it makes quite the statement with an oversized 3D bear head and bum.

Get it at for $8.73.

#10 Siamese Cat Press-On Nails

Siamese cat press-on nailsPhoto from Taobao

Saving the best for last - this adorable nail design has Siamese cats and flattering shades of browns.

Get it at for $4.08.