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Dine Under The "Stars" At This New Camping-Themed Restaurant In Singapore That Opens Late Till 1AM

Dine Under The "Stars" At This New Camping-Themed Restaurant In Singapore That Opens Late Till 1AM

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By Karmen on 15 May 2023
Digital Editor

Going back to nature sounds wonderful... in theory! If you'd rather skip the heat and insects, and experience the romanticised version of outdoor activities, have a picnic at The Secret Patio's pop-ups, dine in an indoor garden cafe, or go "camping" at Escape 城市.逃离.


Camping-Themed Ambience at Escape 城市.逃离 Restaurant

Located at Vision Exchange, an 8-minute walk from Jurong East MRT, the new camping-themed restaurant is designed to look like a serene forest with faux greenery and a winding path between gravel and artificial grass. In place of traditional dining tables and chairs are camping tables and folding chairs.

ESCAPE - Camping-Themed Restaurant interiorPhoto from Escape 城市.逃离

Diners will enjoy a camping experience with all its charming and aesthetically pleasing aspects, and without any of its discomforts. The space is air-conditioned, of course, and there's no mud or mosquitos to worry about.

A glowing "moon" and a canopy of dangling lights resembling shooting stars complete the romantic ambience.

ESCAPE - Camping-Themed Restaurant interiorPhoto from Escape 城市.逃离

To top it all off, diners will also be entertained with live music.


Camping-Themed Food at Escape 城市.逃离 Restaurant

Even the food contributes to the camping experience, albeit in a more comfortable and labour-free way. Diners can leave the work to the restaurant staff and enjoy BBQ Skewers ($2 - $3.6 each) like beef, pork, prawns and sotong, finger food ($8- $15) like Onion Rings and Fries, or cold dishes ($8- $12.80) like Edamame and Steamed Chicken in Chilli Sauce.

BBQ SkewersPhoto from Escape 城市.逃离

For more camping feels, get some of the stir-fried dishes which are served in mess tins typically used while camping outdoors. Take your pick from dishes like Garlic Pepper Bacon ($25), Braised Pork ($17.80) and Saly & Pepper Shrimp ($20.80).

Stir-fried dishes served in camping mess tinsPhoto from Escape 城市.逃离

For a more filling meal, add on main dishes like Yangzhou Fried Rice ($7.80) and Beef Fried Noodle ($8.80) .

The restaurant opens till late at 1am, which makes it the perfect drinking spot! The extensive alcoholic menu has Beer ($10 - $78), Wine ($48 - $88), Soju ($18 - $68), Cocktails ($15 - $20) and more.

Escape 城市.逃离
Address: 2 Venture Dr, #01-20 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526
Opening hours: 4pm - 1am daily