Beautiful Hidden Courtyard Garden Cafe In Singapore Has Alfresco Dining & A Spiral Staircase

Beautiful Hidden Courtyard Garden Cafe In Singapore Has Alfresco Dining & A Spiral Staircase

ByKarmen on 02 Jan 2021 Digital Editor

When it comes to dining in cafes, it's an undisputed fact even among food snobs that the decor and Insta-factor is pretty important. Some might even prioritise the ambience over the food.

If you're nodding in agreement, there's a cafe in Singapore with a lovely hidden courtyard garden that you may want to add to your cafe-hopping list - PUNCH.

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First opening its doors in 2016, PUNCH cafe is located in a traditional Singaporean shophouse from the 1940s about a 4-minute walk from Clarke Quay MRT Station. Unlike most cafes, there's no big, flashy signboard, neon signs, or any indication that there's an Insta-worthy space inside.

Camouflaged with its surroundings, the storefront shows just plain glass walls, white curtains and a few potted plants, not even the words "PUNCH" or "cafe" in sight.

PUNCH cafe entrance
Photo from PUNCH

Inside the cafe is an indoor seating area with a simple contemporary design where you'll get a whiff of coffee brewing at the counter.

PUNCH cafe indoor seats
Photo from PUNCH

punch cafe indoor and outdoor alfresco seating
Photo from @ashandchar.eats via Instagram

And behind the indoor area is the hidden courtyard garden. Designed by Singapore-based architectural firm WOHA, the beautiful courtyard has climbing plants on the wall with Japanese ivy hanging above, bathing the space in soft natural sunlight.

PUNCH cafe courtyard garden
Photo from PUNCH

PUNCH cafe courtyard garden
Photo from PUNCH

While the courtyard was initially sparsely furnished with just a couple of benches, it has since been made into a lovely alfresco dining space. A great move in our opinion as who wouldn't want to dine in this zen courtyard surrounded by greenery?

punch cafe courtyard garden in singapore
Photo from @projectartz12 via Instagram

PUNCH cafe courtyard garden alfresco dining area
Photo from @thevintagevision via Instagram

girl standing in front of courtyard wall with greenery punch cafe singapore
Photo from @kohshalin via Instagram

There's also a narrow spiral staircase among palm trees where you can have a photoshoot for the 'gram after your meal.

singapore shophour spiral staircase
Photo from @spongebeh via Instagram


Speaking of meals, their menu has classic cafe fare like pasta and sandwiches. Only breakfast and lunch is available until 6pm daily. On the weekday lunch menu are items like Tiger Prawns & Scallop Aglio Olio ($19) and Poached Chicken Breast Salad ($16).

Tiger Prawns & Scallop Aglio Olio
Photo from PUNCH

Poached Chicken Breast Salad
Photo from PUNCH

Their all-day breakfast menu has more variety from fruits and grains to pancakes and egg dishes. Try the Earl Grey Pancakes ($18), three stacks of tea-infused pancakes topped with poached pear and white chocolate macadamia crumble, or Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($13), a recipe from their sister cafe Ronin.

earl grey pancakes with nuts
Photo from PUNCH

scrambled eggs on toast
Photo from PUNCH

They also offer a selection of desserts as well as creative coffees like Generra ($6/$8), an orange mocha, and Wicked ($6/$8), a minted mocha.

two cups of lattes at PUNCH cafe
Photo from PUNCH

Even the bathroom is aesthetically-pleasing with a minimalist monochromatic design, a cool matte black tap and marble countertop. The Aesop hand wash adds a luxe cherry on top of the experience.

PUNCH cafe minimalist black and white bathroom
Photo from PUNCH

P.S. The back door of the cafe is also a great photo spot!

punch cafe back door photo backdrop with hanging greenery
Photo from @justinamira via Instagram

The cafe is currently only take bookings for weekdays from 8am-6pm. If you're going on a weekend, you'll have to walk-in and try your luck at getting the alfresco seats.

Address: 32 North Canal Rd, Singapore 059288
Opening hours: 8am - 6pm daily

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