#OOTD Guide: Master This 5 Do's And Don'ts Poses And Nail Your Next Insta OOTD!

#OOTD Guide: Master This 5 Do's And Don'ts Poses And Nail Your Next Insta OOTD!

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By elaine.kiew on 27 Aug 2018

All (if not most) girls love taking photos but not all of us know how to pose~ In fact, I'm one of those who'd actually look like an awkward potato if a camera is pointed at me.

You might be wondering: It's just a photo, how bad can it get? Don't be so dramatic!

You're right.... But hey, think about it- Do you want to look like you have short legs, thick waist or chubby face?!

If your answer is 'no', then you need to master these 5 #OOTD tips from Russian model Maria Park.


#1 Bend the knee (Game of Thrones fans can relate!)

Yes, we know Maria already have a hot body and as a model, she basically looks good in every pose and outfit but see how a simple change in our legs or bag placement plays a part?


In the first pose, Maria seems a little stiff. Those who've read about body language would know  that the way we present our bodies would tell others what kind of person we are. In Maria's case, her arms are placed in front of her body while she stands upright; almost giving off a sort of 'stay away' vibe.

In her next pose, Maria immediately levels up; giving off a natural and laid-back look and we love it! It shows confidence and exudes a charm that seems to be calling out to us: Hey, come be friends with me!


Here's another shot where she posed similarly~ *heart eyes*

Next time you take an #OOTD, try bending your knee slightly outwards and stand upright with your chest out.

#2 Taking a wall shot?


Us when we see a pretty wall: OMG!

But if you're the kind whose mind go blank whenever you stand in front of a camera, try this pose!


#3 Try this for your makan shot!


This pose is a must to remember for #FOODIES!

Food is bae, right? So don't pull a long face when taking photos with your favourite food~ Smileeee and say cheese!

#4 You can look good even when you're wearing plain basics


Straighten your back, one arm on your waist and tilt your face slightly up~

It doesn't matter if you've a perky ass or not because this pose is gonna make you look like you have an A+ figure~ And that is what we are aiming for!

#5 You can look good cool even while sitting down!




Ever wondered how and why the cool kids are able to look good in almost everything? I mean, long socks, skinny jeans and oversized shirt- Can we really look good in them?

Yes! Fashion permits~ And you can definitely look even better with the right pose.

Here Maria crosses her legs, making sure her fans got to see her whole #OOTD~ Besides that, did you notice her hands? In the first pose, her hands were turned inwards and honestly, it was a little disturbing~So ladies, please avoid that!

How many of this OOTD tips have you tried? 'Like' and 'share' this 5 tips with a friend who's always taking OOTDs and help them up their Insta game!

Text by: Girlstyle SG

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