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HyunA & Dawn Have Broken Up Months After Getting Engaged, There's An Alleged Lawsuit Involved

HyunA & Dawn Have Broken Up Months After Getting Engaged, There's An Alleged Lawsuit Involved

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By Rachel Yohannan on 01 Dec 2022
Senior Digital Editor

K-Pop fans rejoiced earlier this year when HyunA and Dawn got engaged, but instead of having wedding bells on the horizon, the celebrity couple has just unexpectedly announced that they’ve parted ways after their 6-year relationship. On top of that, there’s a potential lawsuit involved here - as if heartbreak isn’t enough to deal with. Read on for details on HyunA and Dawn’s breakup.


HyunA & Dawn break upPhoto from @hyunah_aa via Instagram

HyunA (Kim Hyun Ah) and Dawn (Kim Hyo Jong) - aged 30 and 28 respectively - first started dating in 2016, and subsequently got fired by their entertainment company when they bravely went public in 2018 despite knowing the consequences that would follow. It seemed like love had conquered all, especially when Dawn proposed in February 2022, but sadly, this relationship was not to end in marriage.

HyunA took to Instagram to post an announcement regarding the breakup:

HyunA's breakup announcementPhoto from @hyunah_aa via Instagram

Loosely translated from Korean, her short post more or less reads: “We broke up and have decided to remain good friends and colleagues in the future. Thank you for your support.”

Dawn’s post, on the other hand, is more emotionally-charged, and for good reason - here's where the alleged lawsuit comes into play:

Dawn's breakup announcementPhoto from @hyojong_1994 via Instagram

Roughly translated by a Korean friend of ours: “Hello, I’m Dawn. I won’t talk at length. I did not write the things in the post. It is fake and I’m going to sue the b*stard who lied about us. Even though we have broken up, HyunA is very important to me and there’s no one who's a better and more sincere person that I will love as a friend and as an artist. Please do not write such falsehoods and instead save your precious time for better things.”

It appears that someone has pretended to be Dawn, and fabricated a social media post whereby “Dawn” made cheating allegations against HyunA.

HyunA & Dawn breakup reasons - fake postPhoto from @hyojong_1994 via Instagram

The post states that the reason for the breakup is because HyunA had a secret lover and even had a terminated pregnancy which she hid from Dawn - all of which Dawn has angrily refuted.

HyunA & Dawn break upPhoto from @hyunah_aa via Instagram

The future is always uncertain, but we hope that they will both be able to heal from this - despite all the outside noise and speculations by the public - and indeed remain on good terms in the future.

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