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New 7-Eleven Singapore x Andes By Astons Ready-to-Eat Meals & Cheesy Meals Including Lasagne

New 7-Eleven Singapore x Andes By Astons Ready-to-Eat Meals & Cheesy Meals Including Lasagne

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By Karmen on 13 Oct 2022
Digital Editor

Loved the 7-Eleven x Andes By Astons ready-to-eat meals launched last year? You'll be happy to know there are four new additions to the line-up along with new cheesy Western meals, and all of them are halal-certified.


Andes By Astons Steak Cut with Garlic Herb Butter and Black Pepper Sauce ($13.50)

7-Eleven Andes Steak cut with garlic herb butter and black pepper saucePhoto from 7-Eleven

Possibly the most exciting RTE meal is this microwavable steak - a first at 7-Eleven! The 120g sous vide grass-fed beef striploin steak comes with melted garlic herb butter on a bed of roasted potatoes topped with Andes by Astons' signature black pepper sauce.

Andes By Astons Honey Garlic Chicken with Aglio Olio ($6.50)

7-Eleven Andes Honey garlic chicken with aglio olioPhoto from 7-Eleven

Besides steak, Andes by Astons does chicken & pasta best. You can enjoy yet another version of this classic combo at the convenience store. This time, it's a juicy baked chicken thigh with honey garlic sauce and aglio olio tossed with garlic oil.

Andes by Astons BBQ Chicken with Butter Raisin Rice ($6.50)


7-Eleven Andes BBQ Chicken with butter raisin ricePhoto from 7-Eleven

Another chicken thigh meal, this dish comes in a smoky BBQ flavour with a side of buttery raisin rice, sweetcorn kernels and garden vegetables.

Andes By Astons Salmon & Spinach with Cream Fusilli ($7.50)

7-Eleven Andes Salmon & spinach with cream fusilliPhoto from 7-Eleven

Good news for seafood lovers, there's salmon on the menu now! This pasta dish boasts al dente fusilli, salmon chunks and spinach in a creamy sauce. It also comes with corn kernels and garden vegetables.

7-SELECT Chicken Ham and Corn Lasagne ($3.90)

7-Select Chicken ham & corn lasagnePhoto from 7-Eleven

A $3.90 lasagne sounds too good to be true but here it is at 7-Eleven! Their rendition contains chicken ham and corn layered with three types of cheese: parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar.

7-SELECT Croque Monsieur Sandwich ($4.50)

7-Select Croque monsieur ham & cheddar cheese sandwichPhoto from 7-Eleven

Originated in French cafés and bars, the croque monsieur is the ultimate simple comfort food made with ham and cheese. 7-Eleven's version is done the French way, with bechamel sauce, melted cheddar cheese and chicken ham.

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