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7-Eleven Singapore Launches 16 New Ready-To-Eat Hawker Foods Made With 12 Local Brands

7-Eleven Singapore Launches 16 New Ready-To-Eat Hawker Foods Made With 12 Local Brands

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By Karmen on 12 Jul 2022
Digital Editor

If you ever have cravings for comfort hawker food but don't have time for the queues, you can satisfy them at your nearest 7-Eleven store.


7-Eleven has teamed up with 12 iconic local F&B brands to create Singaporean hawker food favourites in ready-to-eat versions you can conveniently grab at the store and enjoy anytime, 24/7.

Light Bites

7-SELECT X Old Chang Kee Curry O' Sandwich ($3.20)

7-SELECT X Old Chang Kee Curry O’ SandwichPhoto from 7-Eleven

Something we never knew we needed is this 7-Eleven x Old Chang Kee curry puff sandwich. It has the latter's signature curry puff filling - made of curry chicken, potato and hardboiled egg slices - sandwiched between milk bread.

7-SELECT Satay Chicken Burger ($3.50)

Another innovative treat, this burger is a satay fix in a bun! It features tender chicken marinated in a blend of spices, topped with a sweet fruity peanut sauce and completed with pickled cucumber and roasted onion.


7-SELECT Thunder Tea Onigiri ($2)

7-SELECT Thunder Tea OnigiriPhoto from 7-Eleven

Continuing the trend of putting a twist on traditional local favourites, this light meal is Thunder Tea Rice in a convenient onigiri form. The rice is coated with tea, basil and mint for that earthy flavour. Pieces of tofu, peanuts and long beans give extra crunch and texture while preserved radish add a tangy punch.

7CAFÉ Ondeh Ondeh ($2.30 - $3.50)

Inspired by the local dessert it's named after, this aromatic drink is infused with pandan and brown sugar.

Ready-To-Eat Hawker Meals

Famous Eunos Minced Chicken Noodle Soup ($4.30)

Famous Eunos Minced Chicken Noodle SoupPhoto from 7-Eleven


Staying true to the founder's original recipe, this comforting bowl has springy noodles in a savoury broth with minced chicken and handmade dumplings, and then topped with crispy deep-fried chicken skin.

Qiu Lian Dry Tossed Ban Mian ($5.80)

TTS x Qiu Lian Minced Chicken Dry Ban MeePhoto from 7-Eleven

This dish has al dente handmade noodles with minced chicken and braised mushrooms tossed in a spicy, tangy vinaigrette sauce.

Terry Katong Laksa ($4.30)

Terry Katong LaksaPhoto from 7-Eleven

This indulgent bowl has a spicy coconut milk-based soup with thick rice vermicelli noodles, egg, fishcake and bean curd puffs. The fragrant laksa sambal is made with a blend of aromatics, chilli and dried shrimp.

Chew Kee Braised Soy Sauce Chicken Hor Fun ($5.80)


TTS x Chew Kee Braised Soy Sauce Chicken with Hor FunPhoto from 7-Eleven

Can't go without a good ol' spicy kick? Try this hor fun, which is coated in Chew Kee's signature dark and flavourful soy sauce and topped with braised quail eggs, chicken, tau kwa.

Lao Chao Zhou Satay Bee Hoon ($5)

Lao Chao Zhou Satay Bee HoonPhoto from 7-Eleven

Another option for spice lovers is this bee hoon dish with rich and creamy peanut sauce, chicken slices, cuttlefish slices, kangkong and tau pok.

Legend Scissors Cut Hainanese Curry Chicken Cutlet Rice with Cabbage & Egg ($4.50)

Legend Scissors Cut Hainanese Curry Chicken Cutlet Rice with Cabbage & EggPhoto from 7-Eleven

This hearty meal comes with a crispy, breaded chicken cutlet, rice, cabbage and egg, all drenched in a thick, aromatic Hainanese curry sauce that's has a slight spiciness.


Celebrity Chef Arifin's Tandoori Chicken with Tomato Basmati Rice ($4.50)

Chef Arifin Tandoori Chicken with Tomato Basmati Rice By Taste AsiaPhoto from 7-Eleven

Celebrity Chef Arifin's tender tandoori chicken now comes in an affordable and grab-and-go rendition. The ready-to-eat meal has tandoori chicken slices marinated in aromatic Indian spices on a bed of fragrant tomato basmati rice with mint chutney drizzled on top.

Andes by Astons Grilled Black Pepper Chicken with Mac & Cheese ($6.50)

Andes by Astons Chargrilled Chicken with Mac & CheesePhoto from 7-Eleven

If your go-to at the hawker centre is the western food stall, this dish will be right up your alley. It has chargrilled chicken in black pepper sauce with Mac & Cheese and BBQ baked beans on the side.

There are also new steamed items from Jian Bo available from 17 August. Shui Kueh ($3.30) is a classic Singaporean breakfast dish consisting of steamed soft rice cake topped with preserved radish, chai boh and spicy dried shrimp chilli paste. Or go for something lighter like the Chee Cheong Fun ($3.30) topped with homemade sweet sauce and fragrant white sesame seeds.

Craving something sweet after your meal? You can now treat yourself to the fan-favourite Chendol Mr Softee ($1.50) which is back for a limited time.

The new 7-Eleven ready-to-eat hawker food is available across over 350 stores island-wide. All items are halal certified except for 7-Select Thunder Tea Onigiri and Jian Bo Shui Kueh and Chee Cheong Fun. 

While you're grabbing your meals and snacks at 7-Eleven, don't forget to keep your receipts as you could use them for the PEANUTS x FDMTL Snoopy bags. There is also other merchandise like, the plush toy and flask, available for purchase on their own.