7-Eleven Singapore Launches 11 New Spicy Ready-To-Eat Meals At $6 & Under With 5 Spice Levels

7-Eleven Singapore Launches 11 New Spicy Ready-To-Eat Meals At $6 & Under With 5 Spice Levels

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By Karmen on 27 May 2022
Digital Editor

Spicy food addicts, it's your time to shine! 7-Eleven Singapore has a new Spice Up Your World ready-to-eat range with 11 dishes.

The line-up consists of local favourites as well as Sichuan, Indian and Thai dishes. Interestingly, the menu items have vastly different spice levels and are conveniently labelled from 1, the mildest ones, to 5, the most intensely spicy dish.

Level 1

Those who aren't great with spice can start with the level 1 dishes like the 7-SELECT Chilli Crab Linguine ($4.80). It features al dente linguine with in-house chilli crab sauce and juicy crab meat.

7-Eleven 7-Select Chilli Crab Linguine (level 1)Photo from 7-Eleven


Other quick meals with a low spice level are the 7-SELECT Black Pepper Chicken Burger ($2) and Quix Curry Chicken Sandwich ($3.30).

7-Eleven Quix Curry Chicken Sandwich (level 1)Photo from 7-Eleven

Level 2

If 7-Eleven's level 1 spiciness doesn't quite cut it for you, head over to the level 2 section which has five options to choose from.

Following the launch of the ANDES ready-to-eat meals in stores, 7-Eleven has once again collaborated with the popular restaurant chain to create an all-new spicy dish - ANDES Mala Spaghetti with Prawn ($6). This numbing pasta dish has a blend of Sichuan peppercorns and spices tossed together with prawns.


7-Eleven Andes Mala Spaghetti with Prawn (level 2)Photo from 7-Eleven

Craving pizza but can't commit to the full portion? You can head to 7-Eleven and grab just one slice of the Alfredo x Omni Meat Mala Pizza ($3).

Or if you're in the mood for something classic, there's the Taste Asia Hot & Sour Glass Noodles ($3.20), which has silky glass noodles and crunchy peanuts in a hot and sour soup drizzled with chilli oil.

7-Eleven Taste Asia Hot & Sour Glass Noodles (level 2)Photo from 7-Eleven

Those who need a bite on-the-go can pick up the Quix Spicy Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap ($3.60) that has roasted marinated chicken tikka, white cabbage and romaine lettuce in a 12-inch tortilla.

7-Eleven Quix Spicy Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap (level 2)Photo from 7-Eleven


On days when you're feeling peckish for Japanese food, go for the 7-SELECT Tom Yum Oden ($2.80), which puts a Thai fusion spin on the classic dish.

Level 3

At the next spice level is the Taste Asia Vindaloo Chicken Curry with Turmeric Rice ($4.50), an aromatic curry dish served with fragrant chickpea and turmeric rice.

7-Eleven Taste Asia Vindaloo Chicken Curry with Turmeric Rice (level 3)Photo from 7-Eleven

For a quick snack or add-on to your meal, try the 7-SELECT Fiery Chicken Wonton ($3.90). The chicken dumplings are tossed in aromatic chilli oil that's made with canola oil and a fragrant blend of herbs and spices.

7-Eleven 7-Select Fiery Chicken Wonton (level 3)Photo from 7-Eleven

Level 4

If the level 3 dishes still didn't give you a satisfactory kick, go for the Taste Asia Thai Chicken Larb with Glutinous Rice ($4.20). This comfort meal has minced chicken in a spicy and tangy Thai sauce with sticky rice.

7-Eleven Taste Asia Thai Chicken Larb with Glutinous Rice (level 4)Photo from 7-Eleven

Level 5

Finally, we have the scariest new addition to the menu for daredevils and masochists - the 7-SELECT Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodles ($4.80) topped with a spicy chicken cutlet.

7-Eleven 7-Select Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodles (level 5)Photo from 7-Eleven

All of the new Spice Up Your World ready-to-eat meals are halal-certified, except for the 7-Select Tom Yum Oden.

From 25 May to 21 June 2022, 7-Eleven will be giving away $20 vouchers to winners of the #7ElevenSpicyChallenge. To participate, take a video of yourself eating and finishing any of item in the Spice Up Your World range without drinking anything. Post it onInstagram or TikTok tagging #7ElevenSpicyChallenge and @7ElevenSG, and you'll stand a chance to be one of five weekly winners.

You can also at stand to win $1 vouchers off the Spice Up Your World range while playing the 'Catch the Chilli' game at 7-Eleven stores. Simply scan the QR code to play!

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