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PastaGo Review: New Takeaway Kiosk In Singapore Offers Affordable Freshly Made Pasta From $3.90

PastaGo Review: New Takeaway Kiosk In Singapore Offers Affordable Freshly Made Pasta From $3.90

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By Karmen on 23 May 2022
Digital Editor

Westies may argue that their side of the island is the superior living spot, and they've just scored another reason to justify this - a new takeaway kiosk at that offers affordable freshly made pasta with authentic flavours.


The kiosk in question is PastaGo, the new kid on the block at JCube with a catchy brand, an eye-catching colour scheme and raw pasta made and cooked in front of an audience.

Pastago JCube - takeaway pasta kiosk at JCubePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

PastaGo's conception came about to fill the gap between quality & fresh yet pricey pasta at restaurants, and affordable fast food joints that offer less-than-stellar pasta. This new takeaway kiosk aims to ticks all the boxes from quality and efficiency to price, and as a result, establish pasta as yet another staple food in Singapore like ban mian and chicken rice. Judging from the prices at an average of $7.90, this could very well become the case!

Open kitchen at Pastago JCubePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Developed by a fresh graduate of Food Science and Technology at NUS, the menu focuses on authentic flavours that cater to the Singaporean palate. The four types of pasta - Fettuccine, Pappardelle, Mafalde, and Campanelle - are made fresh on site for the day, ensuring a more tender and silky texture than dried pasta.

Chef making fresh pasta at Pastago JCubePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Freshly made pasta - Pastago JCubePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


The efficient system is reminiscent of WOK HEY's, where the chefs seamlessly take orders, prepare the pasta and pack them in takeaway boxes. And like at the fried rice kiosk, there will likely be a long queue during meal times as the pasta is cooked to order in small, individual batches.

Pasta in takeaway boxes - Pastago JCubePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Customers can build their own pasta with their choice of pasta shape, sauce and protein, plus optional add-ons. The menu also highlights the recommended pasta shapes that best suit each dish.

Pastago JCube menuPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Prices start from just $3.90 for a plain Aglio e Olio, and a reasonable $5.90 with added grilled chicken or seared prawns.

The Aglio e Olio shines in its simplicity, made with the golden trio of garlic, chilli and olive oil. As promised, the freshly made pasta was a delight - smooth and soft, with a satisfying QQ mouthfeel.

Carbonara, Marinara and Al Limone - Pastago JCubePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

As much as I loved the aglio e olio, what's still lingering on my mind is the Carbonara with Smoked Duck ($9.40) paired with Mafalde, a ribbon-shaped pasta.


Mention the word 'carbonara' in front of any Italian and they will probably cry out in exasperation, "no cream! carbonara has no cream". Well, this carbonara at PastaGo is the real deal, made without cream, as it should be, and with just egg and cheese. This authentic take on the classic dish is stunning, with a rich salty flavour and thick, silky sauce. It's also wonderfully light and has none of the cloying, heavy taste of cream versions. Complete it with tender smoked duck and add on a Sous Vide Egg ($1) for an extra decadent meal.

Carbonara with Smoked Duck - Pastago JCubePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Carbonara with Smoked Duck - Pastago JCubePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Another favourite was the Marinara with Grilled Chicken ($6.90). The house-made tomato sauce had a comforting homemade taste with a refreshing tang, while the chicken was well-seasoned and fairly moist.

Marinara with Grilled Chicken - Pastago JCubePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Next, I tried the Al Limone with Smoked Salmon ($10.90), another uncomplicated dish and easily a go-to on a regular basis. The light sauce is made with butter, cheese and lemon, then topped with tobiko for some subtle saltiness.

Al Limone with Smoked Salmon - Pastago JCubePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Another comfort dish done right, the Chicken Bolognese ($6.90) has a full-bodied flavour that's picked up by the flat and broad Pappardelle. If the dish looks a little empty, you can add on ingredients like Spinach ($1) and Shimeji Mushroom ($1). Carb-eaters can also opt for extra pasta ($1), while meat lovers can add on more chicken, prawn, salmon or duck ($2 - $3).

Chicken Bolognese with Spinach and Shimeji Mushroom - Pastago JCubePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Lastly is Beef Bolognese ($7.90 - $8.90) which has a traditional ragu sauce prepared through hours of simmering.

PastaGo already has two other outlets confirmed to be opened this year, at Tiong Bahru Plaza and Wisteria Mall, and is expected to expand even further in 2023 with a focus on heartland areas. It's also pending Halal certification.

Address: JCube #B1-K07, Jurong East Central 1, Singapore 609731
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 11am - 8.30, Sat: 1030 - 9pm, Sunday: 10.30am - 8.30pm
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Photos by: Karmen