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9 New Meals & Snacks At 7-Eleven Singapore Including $6.50 Andes by Astons Dishes, Western Treats & Onigiri

9 New Meals & Snacks At 7-Eleven Singapore Including $6.50 Andes by Astons Dishes, Western Treats & Onigiri

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By Karmen on 10 Nov 2021
Digital Editor

If you're a budget-conscious foodie who's too busy (or lazy) to cook, you're in luck! 7-Eleven Singapore has just launched new Western ready-to-eat dishes including meals by Andes by Astons as well as Italian-inspired onigiris.


Keep reading to check out the new food offerings at 7-Eleven!

Andes by Astons

Popular Western chain restaurant Andes by Astons has collaborated with 7-Eleven to create four affordable, restaurant-quality Western dishes that you can dig into almost instantly in the comfort of your home or al desko in the office. All four dishes are halal-certified!

Grilled Chicken with Cheese Pasta ($6.50)

7-Eleven Andes by Astons Grilled Chicken with Cheese PastaPhoto from 7-Eleven

This hearty dish features a tender and juicy grilled chicken fillet with conchiglie (pasta shells) in rich and creamy cheese sauce.

Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce ($6.50)


7-Eleven Andes by Astons Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper SaucePhoto from 7-Eleven

The succulent grilled chicken fillet is doused with a flavourful black pepper sauce, accompanied by oven-roasted potatoes on the side.

Beef Meat Balls with Mushroom Sauce ($6.50)

7-Eleven Andes by Astons Beef Meatball with Mushroom SaucePhoto from 7-Eleven

These homestyle oven-baked beef meatballs come with cranberry sauce, creamy mashed potato and mushroom sauce.

Andes by Astons Fiery Chicken with Spaghetti ($6.50)

7-Eleven Andes by Astons Fiery Chicken with SpaghettiPhoto from 7-Eleven

Another grilled chicken fillet dish, this comes drizzled with a spicy red bell pepper sauce, served with al dente spaghetti lightly sautéed in olive oil.


7-SELECT Western Treats

If you're in the mood to go extra fancy with your 7-Eleven dining experience, make it a multi-course meal with the new light bites and comforting soups.

Creamy Chicken with Cheesy Rice ($4.80)

7-Eleven 7-SELECT Creamy Chicken with Cheesy RicePhoto from 7-Eleven

Looking like the definition of comfort food, this dish has risotto-style Japonica rice comes with parmesan cheese and creamy Italian herb and cheese sauce. Adding flavour and texture are tender morsels of sous vide chicken breast, oven-roasted zucchini and carrots. This dish is also free from pork and lard.

Truffle Potato Gratin with Chicken Ham ($3.90)

7-Eleven 7-SELECT Truffle Potato Gratin with Chicken HamPhoto from 7-Eleven

This picture-perfect dish is made with sliced potatoes, sautéed garlic, onions and chicken ham in a rich blend of cheeses including parmesan, mozzarella and orange cheddar. Elevating it even further is a light brushing of truffle oil on top for an added atas aroma. It's halal-certified too!


French Onion Soup ($2.90)

7-Eleven 7-SELECT French Onion SoupPhoto from 7-Eleven

For something light and nourishing, try 7-Eleven's take on the French bistro classic made from caramelised onions and a blend of herbs in a flavourful beef broth.

Mushroom Soup ($2.90)

7-Eleven 7-SELECT Mushroom SoupPhoto from 7-Eleven

If you're in the mood for a creamy soup, go for the well-loved mushroom soup which has made a return to the menu by popular demand.

Italian-Inspired Onigiri

Joining the onigiri selection at 7-Eleven are two new fusion flavours that are Italian-esque light meals with the convenience of a Japanese rice ball.


Italian Style Ham with Cheese Onigiri ($2)

7-Eleven 7-SELECT Italian Style Ham with Cheese OnigiriPhoto from 7-Eleven

This onigiri is made with chicken ham, sweetcorn kernels and parmesan cheese in a risotto-style rice ball made with Japonica rice.

Garlic Prawn Butter Rice Onigiri ($2)

7-Eleven 7-SELECT Garlic Prawn Butter Rice OnigiriPhoto from 7-Eleven

If you're a seafood lover, try this onigiri which features succulent prawns sautéed with garlic, wrapped in butter pilaf Japonica rice.

All these new food offerings will be available at 7-Eleven stores from 10 November 2021.

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