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Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co. Review: New Restaurant In Serangoon Neighbourhood Serves 3-Foot-Long Pizzas

Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co. Review: New Restaurant In Serangoon Neighbourhood Serves 3-Foot-Long Pizzas

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By Karmen on 28 Sep 2022
Digital Editor

I'm feeling serious envy towards the residents at Serangoon Ave 3 as they now have Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co. in their neighbourhood.


Located in a humble HDB area a short walk from NEX, the pizzeria serves up neo-Neapolitan-style pizzas rivalling that of restaurants in swanky locations. Interestingly, its founder is a self-taught chef-owner who is also behind other F&B ventures like Cottontail Creamery.

Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co. in summary: artisanal pizzas at affordable prices in a casual, unpretentious setting.

On a related note, the folks living at Serangoon North also have a food gem nearby - Kumamoto Ramen, a hawker stall with restaurant-quality ramen under $10.

Ambience at Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co.

Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co interiorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

With simple industrial-inspired interiors, the restaurant takes on a casual ambience as the chefs are at work right by the diners' seats in a semi-open kitchen.

Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co. kitchenPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


Food at Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co.

When it comes to pizza, it's all about the crust. And so, things looked promising as Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co.takes its crust very seriously with a carefully fine-tuned recipe.

Made with a blend of Italian and Japanese flours with a sourdough starter and Fleur de Sel de Guerande, the dough is proofed for 24 to 30 hours to develop its flavour.

Sourdough starter and handcrafted pizzaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The pizzas I tried were made using a substitute oven which already created impressive results, but diners can look forward to even better pizzas in a couple of months; The restaurant is awaiting a specially-imported electric oven that can reach searing-high temperatures that will create an extra-puffed crust and cook ingredients instantly, maintaining its moisture.

P.S. another pizza spot we recommend is L'Arte Pizza & Focaccia, a takeaway joint that offers Romana-style pizza.

On the menu are classic pizzas like Margherita ($20.50) and Calabrese Salami ($22.50), which had a burst of flavour that didn't overshadow the subtle tang of the crust. And speaking of the crust, it had a slight, satisfyingly chewy texture and a lovely crunch at the puffed rim.

Calabrese Salami PizzaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


Along with the classics are special pizzas that will be available on a rotational basis.

The best-selling pizza and unanimous favourite of the table was the Raclette Cheese & Potato ($26.50). With a generous layer of cheese almost as thick as the crust, lush boiled potatoes and a sprinkle of black pepper and paprika, this carb-heavy pizza was worth every calorie.

Raclette Cheese & Potato PizzaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Coming in as a close second was the Mala Chicken ($24.50). The chunks of minced chicken were surprisingly juicy; chef-owner Sean Lai explained that the chicken is steam-baked to retain its moisture. As for the mala, it didn't have that potent blast of peppercorn and greasiness typical of most mala dishes. Instead, it was something more suited to the cheese and sourdough crust - a unique cream mala spread. This gave it a refined spicy kick that still had that familiar numbing taste.

Mala Chicken PizzaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

There's even vegan-friendly pizzas made with vegan mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

The Mushroom & Truffle Oil ($27.50) was a decadent one that even non-vegetarians will love. Every bite has plenty of umami flavours with earthy porcini mushrooms & homemade porcini salsa, cheese, kale and truffle oil.

Mushrooms & Truffle Oil PizzaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co. will soon launch social media-worthy three-feet long pizzas ($36) that can be customised with up to four different flavours. Choose from Bufala ($13.50), Pepperoni ($12.50), Italian Sausage ($14.50), Hawaiian ($13.50) and Ham & Mushroom ($13.50).

These pizzas are superb as they are, but diners are welcome to drizzle on honey and housemade chilli oil to mix things up. The honey works well on the spicy and salty for a little sweetness, while the chilli oil has a distinctly Asian-style taste, made with a blend of Chinese, Indian and Mexican chillis.

Pizza drizzled with housemade chilli oilPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

There's also a curated line-up of sides to pair with the pizzas.

Cheese lovers will adore the Stracciatella & Vine Tomatoes ($18.50). The glob of burrata cheese had the perfect creamy and springy texture, with a mild and comforting cheesy flavour flavour lifted by a mix of sea salt, fresh basil and house-made basil oil. It's also served with vine tomatoes that complement the cheese perfectly.

Stracciatella & Vine TomatoesPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

If you're craving meat, the Roast Beef ($16.50) will leave you plenty satisfied. The thin slices of sous-vide Australian wagyu beef was succulent and juicy, enhanced with a piquant chimichurri sauce and horseradish mayo.

Roast BeefPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Gusta Sourdough Pizza Co.
Address: Serangoon Ave 3, Block 326, #01-378, Singapore 550326 (6-min walk from Serangoon MRT Station)
Opening hours: 4.30pm to 9.30pm daily; last order at 9.15pm
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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