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Meow Barbecue Review: Award-Winning Cat-Themed BBQ Restaurant Is Now In Singapore

Meow Barbecue Review: Award-Winning Cat-Themed BBQ Restaurant Is Now In Singapore

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By Karmen on 21 Sep 2022
Digital Editor

Time to jio your bae and homies for a BBQ feast - Meow Barbecue, the award- winning Chinese BBQ restaurant, is opening its first overseas outpost in Singapore at Bugis+.


Founded in 2012 in China, Meow Barbecue has a reputation for attracting long snaking queues in China, to the extent of winning awards for its queues. It has also won spots in Top 10 BBQ Restaurant polls and awards.

Meow Barbecue interiorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

As you might have inferred from the restaurant's name and decor, it was founded by a cat owner, aptly known as Uncle Meow, who was inspired by his cat's regal nature and picky tastebuds. As such, Meow Barbecue isn't just cat-themed, it also embodies that cat-worthy ideal by offering delicious food that will impress even the most discerning diner.

Cat lovers will have fun oohing and aahing at the cat-themed decorative touches at the Bugis+ outlet. Everything from the wall murals to the dinnerware has cat paws and other kitty motifs.

Meow Barbecue interiorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Meow Barbecue interiorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Zodiac enthusiasts will love their wall of cats for every zodiac.


Meow Barbecue cat zodiac wall Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

But don't let their cute image fool you, their food is the real deal. On the menu are prime cuts of meats and quality marinades, including beef sourced from the U.S. and Australia, as well as pork from Spain. 

On a side note, those feeling lazy to grill their own meats will be glad to know that the staff will cook everything for you! Each table's exhaust hood also comes with an adjustable light so diners can post well-lit photos and videos on social media.

The Meow Signature Mixed Meat Platter ($66.80) is purrfect for first timers to get a taste of a variety meats. If you like your beef tender and bold-flavoured, we recommend the Diamond Cut Marinated Beef Ribs ($28.80). Both plates get an extra thumbs up for the theatrical presentation with dry ice creating a cool mist.

Meow Signature Mixed Meat Platter and Diamond Cut Marinated Beef RibsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

A must-try is the Meow Signature Spicy Beef ($23.80), beautifully marbled beef with a spicy kick. The Rose Beef Tongue ($25.80) turned out to be a pleasant surprise as it had a palatable texture and no gamey taste, contrary to other beef tongues we've tried.

Rose Beef Tongue and Meow Signature Spicy BeefPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Our favourite of them all was the Iberico Pork Collar in Pineapple Sauce ($22.80). These juicy and succulent pork bites had just a tinge of sweetness from the pineapple that brightened and balanced with the fatty flavour.


Iberico Pork Collar in Pineapple SaucePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Another standout dish we were gushing over was the Meow Signature Chicken with Cheese Dip ($15.80). Here's a suggestion, order the Meow Signature Chicken with Szechuan Peppers ($14.80) and mix them all together! The tender chicken, numbing mala spice and cheesey goodness made for a brilliant combination.

Meow Signature Chicken with Cheese Dip Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Meow Barbecue offers three dipping sauces. Omnipotent Seasoning is a dry powder with Indian influences, Grapefruit Juice had a light tang that paired well with fattier cuts, and Japanese-Style Sauce had the most robust flavour. There's also an empty spot labelled Thai-Style Sour & Spicy Sauce which we're guessing is a fourth sauce that will be introduced soon.

Dipping saucesPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

If you're craving for a light dessert after your BBQ feast, treat your tastebuds (and the 'gram) to the Meow Signature Caramel Pudding ($6.80). Looking too good to eat, this caramel pudding comes in a cat paw shape and is served in a bowl with a cat face.

Meow Signature Caramel Pudding Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

For a more substantial dessert, go for the Black Cat Snow Ice or White Cat Snow Ice ($10.80 each). The former is for Oreo lovers while the latter is a refreshing soy-flavoured treat with nata de coco and grass jelly. Both are topped with whipped cream and adorable cat paw-shaped pudding.

Black & White Cat Snow Ice Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Even the drinks are cat-themed! We loved how each of our Meow Lemon Teas ($3.80) came with different cat stickers.

Meow Lemon TeaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

As ardent cat lovers, the cat-themed elements at Meow Barbecue definitely enhanced the dining experience. Still, this novelty was simply a nice plus to great quality food that holds its own.

From 24 to 30 September 2022, Meow Barbecue is having an opening promotion where diners can enjoy 50% off two best-selling signatures: Meow Signature Spicy Beef andMeow Signature Chicken with Cheese Dip.

Meow Barbecue
Address: Bugis+, #01-17, 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067
Opening hours: Sun to Thurs: 11am – 9:30pm; Fri, Sat & PH: 11am – 1am
Facebook | Instagram

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