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Shop Adorable & Realistic Animal Rings From Bangkok Jewellery Label Good After Nine

Shop Adorable & Realistic Animal Rings From Bangkok Jewellery Label Good After Nine

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By Samantha Ann Francis on 10 Aug 2022
Senior Editor

A striking milk snake coiled around your finger, a majestic peacock accented with gold, and a calico cat staring right through your soul—these are just some of the beautiful rings you’ll find at Good After Nine.


Calico cat ringPhoto from Good After Nine

Established in 2009 by designers Chawanunt Thongpool and Tidarin Srisook, the Bangkok-based jewellery label (which ships to Singapore!) prides itself on fun and unconventional pieces.

Beautiful animal ringsPhoto from Good After Nine

They’ve got the Classic collection featuring naturalistic designs, crafted from 18k gold plating brass material and fine enamel; alongside the Veladee collection, which uses 925 sterling silver and 18k gold plating. Flora and fauna take centre stage in the former, which is further categorised into 9AM, 9PM, and 24/7. 

Rings in autumnal huesPhoto from Good After Nine

9AM alludes to daytime and has all sorts of adorable creatures like honey bees, baby penguins, macaws, flamingos, lobsters, cats, and dogs as rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Meanwhile, 9PM features a spooky collection of filigreed skulls and skeletal seahorses. In the 24/7 collection, you’ll find feather rings and geometrically-shaped accessories.


Cute cat ringPhoto from Good After Nine

Those who fancy pretty blooms will appreciate statement rings like one featuring a hummingbird perched on a flower or rings with a single bloom like lilac, freesia, tulip, and lavender.

Peacock ringPhoto from Good After Nine

Bird lovers will be spoilt for choice by peacock, cockatoo, toucan, swan, and mallard rings in vibrant hues. You’ll also find hippo, zebra, and even unicorn rings recreated in a realistic fashion.

Rings that bloom from your handPhoto from Good After Nine

With each ring handcrafted from start to finish in the Bangkok studio, shoppers can expect to receive a unique piece with slight differences from the rest.

Shop the jewellery brand here.

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