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All-Pink HDB At Woodlands Is A Picture Of Sophistication With Walk-In Closet, Cat Corners, & Luxe Textures

All-Pink HDB At Woodlands Is A Picture Of Sophistication With Walk-In Closet, Cat Corners, & Luxe Textures

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By Rachel Yohannan on 12 May 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Everyone’s heard of the classic bachelor pad - a dark, brooding man cave often stocked high with video games, beer, and a ton of tech gear. Now, here’s an all-pink version for the ladies, and it actually exists in Singapore. Located in Woodlands, this dream “bachelorette pad” has a walk-in closet, cat corners, and luxe textures all over. Here’s a peek into this gorgeous home!


Pink HDB living room SingaporePhoto from Visionary Interior

Designed by a Jocelyn Tan from interior design firm Visionary Interior, this pink HDB flat is a 5-room resale unit. Unlike other pink-themed HDBs (such as this one) that only incorporate the colour in certain rooms or as specific accents, this one has a substantial amount of pink all over. The pink is kept to a muted hue, and paired with complementing tones like white, grey, and champagne, this is a picture of sophistication that’s in no way kiddy-looking.

The living room has a white marbled feature wall, with a row of little nooks to display flowers and other knick-knacks. Flanking this are two pairs of giant Bearbrick figurines. The rest of the walls are painted pink, with chic pink chairs set against the marble dining table to match.

Pink HDB bedroom SingaporePhoto from Visionary Interior

The bedroom is even more luxurious, with Victorian-style wall panelling made modern with 3D gold butterfly details. The velvety quilted pink bed headboard lies against this focal zone, with pink built-in bedside tables on each side.

Our favourite feature? The overhead lights! It appears that the ceiling is fitted with a light box and overlaid with a panel dotted with little cut-outs, thus giving it an enchanting “starlit” effect. Talk about bedroom goals!

Pink HDB walk-in wardrobe SingaporePhoto from Visionary Interior


This bachelorette pad (or at least, we’re assuming it’s one, since there are zero masculine touches) also has something many of us ladies dream of: A walk-in wardrobe, and a very spacious one at that! We’re guessing that one of the three bedrooms has been converted into this fashionista corner. In addition to a soft pink cupboard and shelving lining an entire wall, there’s also a little raised platform with a zen plant corner.

What more could a girl ask for?

Pink HDB kitchen SingaporePhoto from Visionary Interior

The kitchen backsplash has a pink and white geometric pattern, blending well with the grey shelves. On the opposite side is a cute little cat corner, with litter boxes and food and water bowls laid out on the floor, separated by a pink partition.

Pink HDB kitchen with cat corner SingaporePhoto from Visionary Interior

The fortune cat design on the tiles here is an extra cute touch! Clearly, the owner has big love for her feline friends, having carved out a cosy corner specially for them.

Visionary Interior
Address: 21 Woodlands Close #05-13, Primz Bizhub Singapore 737854
Opening hours: 9am - 6pm daily
Telephone: 64976630 (WhatsApp only)

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