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Mr Holmes Bakehouse Opens Its Second Outlet At MYP Centre With New Bagels, Cruffins, Donuts

Mr Holmes Bakehouse Opens Its Second Outlet At MYP Centre With New Bagels, Cruffins, Donuts

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By Karmen on 09 May 2022
Digital Editor

Office-goers in the CBD area, you just got a new lunch spot to add to your rotation - Mr Holmes Bakehouse's second outlet at MYP Centre.


Ambience at Mr Holmes Bakehouse MYP Centre

Mr Holmes Bakehouse at MYP CentrePhoto from Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Located on the ground floor of MYP Centre, the new 32-seater cafe has the same whimsical touches as the first outlet but with a more sophisticated flair to suit the business crowd.

Facing the commuter street is the photo-worthy entrance with a glowing "I got baked in CBD" sign. Inside, diners will enjoy a stylish space with neon-lined arches, hanging ceiling lights and a mix of textures from the leather seats to tiled tables on concrete.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse at MYP CentrePhoto from Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Mr Holmes Bakehouse at MYP CentrePhoto from Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Food at Mr Holmes Bakehouse MYP Centre


The new outlet features seasonal cruffins and donuts, alongside a large selection of outlet-exclusive sandwiches and salads including a collaboration bagel with Two Men Bagel House. These bites are perfect for dining in or a convenient grab-and-go bite for busy bees.

Outlet exclusives include Spam & Egg with Kimchi Croissant ($13), Mexican Chicken Fajita ($13) and Egg Mayo & Candied Bacon ($10).

Mr Holmes Bakehouse Spam and Egg w Kimchi CroissantPhoto from Mr Holmes Bakehouse

The bakery is also keeping up to date with the low-carb craze with a range of salads ($16) that'll give the carb-conscious a protein fix. Try the Chicken Kale Caesar Salad with crunchy kale and sous vide-then-seared chicken breasts, or a classic Cobb Salad with mixed greens, hard boiled eggs, crispy bacon, sweet potato cubes, cherry tomatoes and blue cheese crumbs.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse Chicken Kale CaesarPhoto from Mr Holmes Bakehouse

There are also decent options for vegetarians including the vegan-friendly Roasted Veggie & Hummus ($10) which has layers of charred vegetables and hummus, lifted with pickled carrots and balsamic glaze between crunchy sourdough slabs.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse Veggie Hummus SandwichPhoto from Mr Holmes Bakehouse

An alternative is the Vegan Taco Salad ($16) topped with grilled corn, tortilla strips and black beans in cilantro lime dressing.


Other exciting menu items are the three seasonal cruffins (all at $6.50). There's the on-trend Coconut CreamRaspberry Mocha with its contrast of espresso-infused chocolate cream and tart raspberry jam and Pistachio Cream. A savoury option is the Sun-dried Tomato and Bacon Jam ($7.50) which has been selling-out since its introduction early this year.

There are also three new donuts in fruity flavours ($5.80). Banoffee has house-made toffee & banana cream, Strawberry Lemonade is a refreshing, tart treat, while Rose Lychee has delicate floral flavours.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse new donuts and cruffinsPhoto from Mr Holmes Bakehouse


In an unlikely yet welcome pairing, Mr Holmes Bakehouse and Two Men Bagel House are presenting their own spin on the other's signature offering. Mr Holmes Bakehouse's contender is Pigs N' Figs ($16), which is Two Men Bagel House's plain bagel with smoked ham, cream cheese and homemade fig jam.

Mr Holmes x Two Men Bagel Pigs N Figs BagelPhoto from Mr Holmes Bakehouse

On the other end is Two Men Bagel House's Cruffin ($10) that comes piped with fresh banana infused cream whipped with white chocolate, and more filling and passion fruit puree on top.

Mr Holmes x Two Men Bagel Passionfruit CruffinPhoto from Mr Holmes Bakehouse

Both versions are available only across May with purchases exclusive to each respective brand's outlets: MYP Centre and Pacific Plaza (Mr Holmes Bakehouse), Icon Village and Royal Novena Square (Two Men Bagel House).

In celebration of its opening, customers can have a go at the claw machine installation for a chance to win collectibles by Mighty Jaxx and Mr Holmes Bakehouse merchandise for any purchase between 5 to 13 May.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse
Address: 9 Battery Rd, #01-01 MYP Centre, Singapore 049910
Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 8am – 6.30pm, last order at 6PM
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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