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8 Facts About Song Ji A, One Of The Most Popular Contestants In Netflix's Single's Inferno

8 Facts About Song Ji A, One Of The Most Popular Contestants In Netflix's Single's Inferno

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By Jean on 10 Jan 2022
Digital Editor

If you're a fan of reality dating shows, you've probably caught Netflix's Single's Inferno. For the uninitiated, the hottest Korean reality show revolves around 9 attractive contestants - 5 men and 4 women - who are "stranded" on an island nicknamed "Inferno" for 9 days. The singles are prohibited from disclosing any personal information during their time on the island. However, if two of the contestants "match", both can enjoy a night's stay at a luxury resort nicknamed "Paradise" where they will be allowed to chat more freely with their dates which include revealing their ages and professions.


One of the more popular contestants Song Ji A left a strong impression on both contestants and viewers alike with her alluring and confident personality. Here are 8 facts about the Single's Inferno star.

Read on to find out more about Song Ji A, one of the most popular contestants in Netflix's Korean reality dating show – Single's Inferno!

#1 Born in 1997, Ji A will be turning 25 this year

Song Ji A and her puppyPhoto from @dear.zia via Instagram

In a Q&A video that Ji A had uploaded on her YouTuber channel back in 2019, she revealed that she was born in 1997 along with other personal details such as her height, weight and even her blood type! For the full video, click here.

#2 Racked millions of followers and subscribers on her Instagram and YouTube platforms

Song Ji A's Instagram feedPhoto from @dear.zia via Instagram


Prior to her on-screen debut on Single's Inferno, Ji A has amassed close to 1 million followers on her Instagram account and that number has more than doubled since. Her YouTube channel "free지아", currently has 1.58 million subscribers.

#3 She's a fashion and beauty content creator 

Song Ji A wearing a Chanel tweed jacketPhoto from @dear.zia via Instagram

A quick scroll through her Instagram and you'll see her clad in clothing from designer brands such as Chanel, Prada, among others. She also shares hair, makeup and fashion tips via her YouTube channel.

#4 Graduated from Hanyang University with a major in Korean traditional dance

Song Ji A at Hanyang UniversityPhoto from @dear.zia via Instagram

Beauty and fashion aren't her only interests. The 25-year-old who graduated from Hanyang University with a major in Korean traditional dance shared that she has a passion for dancing and have posted dance covers on her YouTube channel.

#5 Money and physical attraction are important factors to Ji A when she chooses a partner


Song Ji A with Dior beauty productsPhoto from @dear.zia via Instagram

During an interview with the producers of Single's Inferno, Ji A mentioned that money and physical attraction are important factors to her when selecting a potential partner. She echoed her sentiments in one of her YouTube videos, likening her standards to be "as high as Mount Everest" and that she will not lower them for any man.

#6 A fervent believer in horoscopes, Ji A would get a reading done at least once or twice every year

Song Ji A at a wedding photoshootPhoto from

Addressing an assumption from a fan, Ji A shares that she's a fervent believer in horoscopes and that she would get a reading done at least once or twice a year. She went on to reveal that she would get a reading done before marrying her future husband. "If the reader says we're incompatible, I don't think we'll get married," she says.

#7 She resembles multiple celebrities including BLACKPINK's Jennie

Song Ji A with IVE’s Jang Won Young.Photo from @dear.zia via Instagram

Viewers of Single's Inferno have pointed out that she resembles multiple celebrities such as BLACKPINK's Jennie, IVE's Jang Won Young and actress Han Chae Young. Apart from the physical resemblance to Jennie, fans have also pointed out that both Ji A and the KPOP idol are ardent fans of the luxury brand Chanel.

#8 Fangirled over TVXQ in her teenage years and was a member of their fan club, Cassiopeia

Korean boyband TVXQPhoto from Pinterest

Given her cool personality, fans assumed that Ji A has never fangirled over an idol. However, in one of her recent Q&A videos, the YouTuber clarified that she was a huge fan of Korean boyband TVXQ. She recalled swooning over ex-member Kim Jae Joong and revealed that she used to be a member of their fan club, Cassiopeia.

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