Gorgeous Honeycomb Eyeshadow Palettes You Can Shop Online In Singapore For Under $20

Gorgeous Honeycomb Eyeshadow Palettes You Can Shop Online In Singapore For Under $20

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By Karmen on 01 Jan 2022
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How many of us can say we've never bought makeup for its packaging? We've all been there! But when the product also has wearable shades and comes with an affordable price tag, it's an all-round proud purchase that's guilt-free.

An eyeshadow palette that fits the bill is the Hold Live Honeycomb eyeshadow palette.

Keep reading to find out where you can shop for it online in Singapore!

Hold Live is a lesser known affordable Chinese makeup brand that continually releases products with stunning packaging.

A particularly gorgeous one is their Honeycomb Diamond Eyeshadow Palette, which like its name suggests, comes in a honeycomb design with cute hexagonal eyeshadows packed together.

While many palettes have designs that are embossed on the powder eyeshadows and get ruined once they're used, this honeycomb palette will always remain pretty as three of the "honeycomb cells" are actually metallic decorative accents. They blend in so seamlessly with the eyeshadows and create an aesthetic that is just *chef's kiss*.

HOLD LIVE Honeycomb Diamond Eyeshadow Palettes
Photo from HOLD LIVE

It doesn't hurt that the shade selection is très wearable, with a mix of universally flattering colours in matte, shimmer and glitter finishes.

There are three variations to choose from:

#1 601 Honey Powder

This palette has pink-toned eyeshadows that are perfect for party occasions or when you're going for a romantic, flirty look.

HOLD LIVE Honeycomb Diamond Eyeshadow Palette 601 Honey Powder
Photo from HOLD LIVE


#2 602 Honey Milk Tea

This milk-tea inspired palette is best for casual, everyday makeup can be applied easily.

HOLD LIVE Honeycomb Diamond Eyeshadow Palette 602 Honey Milk Tea
Photo from HOLD LIVE

#3 603 Mist Brown

Another nude palette, this one has a touch of peach and pink to create soft, feminine eye makeup looks.

HOLD LIVE Honeycomb Diamond Eyeshadow Palette 603 Mist Brown
Photo from HOLD LIVE

Get it here -> shopee.sg for $11.50 (U.P.: $17.50)

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